Editorial For Monday 27 October 2014

Welcome to the current edition of i2P – Information to Pharmacists.
This week we have a new article on Ebola and we were pleased to see that two other publications were released just after the i2P alert, the first in any medical publication in Australia.
The two publications were Australian Doctor and the Pharmacy Guild newsletter, Forefront.

The US still seems to be coming to grips with their outbreak and are modifying some of their official protocols and procedures.
Their agencies seem very secretive in some of their ways and are often in conflict with each other.
As always, just use commonsense in interpreting all news on this front and we still advise that you look at being prepared.

See if you can initially source some of the protective wear without actually purchasing it at this stage.

We are discussing the concepts of patient-centredness and also patient homes.
What do they mean to you and how are you going to adapt to both concepts and in some cases compete against different versions and models as they arrive.
Look out for Telstra, for they will be delivering an Internet version.

Lactose intolerance has been with us a long time. Researchers have discovered evidence of some early Europeans who became lactose intolerant over 4000 years ago as their lifestyle changed to that of farming.
It seems the Irish were the first to develop intolerance and now have the least problems.
That might explain some of those stories you hear about the Irish.

We are also discussing transformational trends in all of the health professions as we gradually move to an outcomes based reimbursement system to create quality rather than quantity.
Pharmacy has an opportunity here because the medical profession are less competitive under this model and are quite happy to delegate work to others, because they still get the same money each year.
Water will find its own level as will quality in service provision.
At i2P we think the key will be how our education is organised, from university down to the local level.

We have finally found a chiropractor willing to talk about how they have survived the 100 year war instigated by the medical profession.
Because of attacks made against him in the past (mainly by medical Skeptics) he has asked to be anonymous and we have agreed. He writes under the pseudonym of ACC Chiro and is a highly experienced practitioner.
Given that they receive a lot of rejects from the medical system and generate a high percentage of satisfied customers, maybe there is a need by medical groups to review their antagonism towards chiropractors and respect their culture and evidence.
As patient homes are already in vogue among GP’s, some are actually leasing space in their medical homes to chiropractors, obviously willing to ignore the official objections.

We also have a brief report on marijuana and its impact on IQ and various media releases from PSA, ASMI and NPS.

Enjoy you week’s read.

Editor, 27 October 2014

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