EDITORIAL For Monday, 21 September 2015 – Includes News of Missing Pharmacist, Belinda Lee

Welcome to this weeks’ i2P (Information to Pharmacists) E-Magazine dated 21 September, 2015.
This week we see a health precinct concept launch called Healthspot  that has been taking shape around the world prior to this US launch in various formats, but with rapid development and testing over the past four years.
I am talking about what GP’s in Australia currently call a “patient home” and what i2P has called a Health Precinct.
Other names and slightly different compositions have already emerged. 

The concept actually started at an earlier date when Lloydspharmacy in the UK created their “Health Village”( The Health Village Concept Note: Article appears at the bottom of the page ).
Australia came up with another Australian health precinct experiment, that being the GP super clinics.

The idea of having as many health practitioners as possible on a single physical site is not a new one, but it only seemed to flourish when the site was not medically managed, and worked best when non-health practitioners created the physical development and the practice management was performed by the same manager/owners.
This includes the pharmacy, particularly the IT system management – cheaper and better when developed as part of a totally managed and dedicated file server and Internet system.
Read The Concept of a Precinct Pharmacy – a Different Form of Collaboration

Another disruptive concept branded Healthspot Station was launched this week in the US after about five years testing and development. Read: Telehealth and Telemedicine – Major Pharmacy Opportunities in Healthspot Concept

It is a mini health precinct in kiosk format but having all health practitioners connected electronically.
It comes as a circular design and fitted with all forms of biometric testing equipment, visual and audio communications, plus a clinical services assistant, the latter being provided and trained by the pharmacy.
The Samsung biometric tester can return all common laboratory tests within seven minutes, which in its own right will be disruptive to standard testing laboratories.
Design of the kiosk and internal systems has been carefully thought through, and brand management is also quite strong.
The strong brand will become a major influencer in culture change for all of healthcare.
There is no risk that it will not take off and has attracted prestigious investors like Xerox ($30 million).

It has been tested in supermarkets, shopping malls and pharmacies, with the best results coming from a pharmacy environment.
It is really a practice management system that fits into a kiosk instead of multiple buildings and offices.
The internal electronics are managed by a trained clinical assistant, a new type of pharmacy worker that i2P predicted would be needed as professional services built up to a critical mass.

Initial connectivity is with participating doctors.
Using this method, doctors are able to service about one-third more patients per day and at a more cost-effective rate.
They can make the same dollars discounting their fees based on a traditional “bricks and mortar” business model, so it is likely to catch on quickly as price pressures build up between ageing consumers and government/private reimbursement organisations.

There is a big opportunity in the mix of health practitioners who can be attached.
Clinical pharmacists and clinical nurse practitioners can very quickly become part of this platform and simultaneously clear the way for these external clinical pharmacist practitioners to embrace full prescribing rights.

Judy Wilyman is back with information and advice regarding the “no jab,no pay” legislation, and how to deal with it. Read: Social Services Legislation Amendment (No Jab, No Pay) Bill 2015
i2P is firmly behind safe vaccination, but practiced in a free and non-coercive fashion.

And one vaccine on the mandatory list is HPV vaccine which is one I would not allow any daughter of mine to be vaccinated with.
Read the extensive article on the possible cause of adverse reaction in the article Vaccine Mechanism of Harm Exposed in Gardasil Vaccine.

Harvey Mackay is back with us again with an article titled: Use GPS system to chart to course  and in it he uses the analogy of a GPS as well as the acronym to deliver a message on management culture.
A very useful guide.

We also include a current copy of the NSW Pharmacy Council Newsletter.
Follow this link: Pharmacy Council of NSW News – September, 2015.

And we finish our offering with:

PSA Media Releases – PSA Media Releases – 1. Understanding Biosimilars 2. Crimestoppers – Missing Person

ASMI Media ReleaseASMI Media Releases – Mobilising Australia’s Healthcare

NPS Media Release – NPS Media Release – Opioid Prescribing

And we add an announcement just to hand from Kay Dunkley at the Pharmacist Support Service:

“Sadly a police announcement has been made reporting that the body of Belinda Lee has been found in Lamington National Park:

This is very sad news and the Pharmacists’ Support Service expresses its condolences to all who knew and loved Belinda Lee, including her immediate family.
As her search has been very public it is likely that there will be many in the pharmacy community who will be impacted by this loss. It is important that those who need assistance feel very comfortable to reach out for support at this time and in the future.
Some options for assistance include:
Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467 available 24/7
This nationwide service offers support to those who are thinking of suicide, those bereaved by suicide and those assisting someone who is thinking of suicide. The support includes up to six 50 minutes session of counselling when it is needed.
The Pharmacists’ Support Service is available to all members of the pharmacy profession (pharmacists, interns and students) on 1300 244 910 every day of the  year between 8.00 am and 11.00 pm. 
Lifeline 13 11 14 available 24/7
Please be aware that as per Mental Health First Aid training it is always important to ask someone if they are having thoughts of suicide and to discuss this with them in order to help them to seek the assistance they need. 
Please disseminate the above information as widely as possible in the pharmacy community over the next few days as the news of Belinda’s death becomes widely known”.

 As editor of i2P I would also add condolences to the family and friends of Belinda Lee.
Pharmacy is a small community and most pharmacists know of each other even if not a close associate or a friend. Her loss will be felt by the entire pharmacist community.

Neil Johnston,
21 September, 2015


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