EDITORIAL for Monday 20 March 2017

Welcome to the current edition of i2P (Information to Pharmacists) E-Magazine dated 20 March 2017.
Don’t you get tired of all the “talking heads” and commentators who continually criticise pharmacists and other health disciplines as being deficient in some way, shape or form.
They all seem to have a common denominator being connected to Skeptics Australia in some form, either as a direct member or some form of “front organisation” where control is exercised through a collaborative Skeptic element.

Their objective seems to be to reinforce a form of dictatorship of the medical profession partially through portraying some form of their vision for “evidence-based medicine” that has the effect of monopolising all other models of health delivery (other than a doctor-centric medical model) which has the effect of minimising competition and limiting the medical channel to a drug-only solution for all patients.

Orchestrating the entire process one can feel the dark forces of Global Pharma, with its deep pockets funding directly or indirectly the entire strategy of world domination of health that also includes subversion of government regulating agencies and the bribing (lobbying) of politicians of all flavour to create favourable decisions.

The Skeptic individuals involved are predominantly academics that are often in receipt of grants from Big Pharma, communications media that receive large  advertising revenues from Big Pharma (or may have Big Pharma as major shareholders as part of their corporate structure) or they may be medical professionals who receive financial benefits through the receipt of considerable financial allowances involving education/entertainment packages, presumably to spread influence that ends up as prescriptions for drugs.
Excluding the latter group, most of the critics do not service patients and may not even have any formal health practitioner credentials.

The one thing that is universal to all these people is that they never criticise drug companies and their corrupt marketing practices.
Nor do they create patient benefit by exposing the fraudulent estimated 70 percent of data posing as “evidence”, that is deposited in medical reference databases around the world.
They are complicit in the “Big Lie” that provides fraudulent evidence that underwrites marketing campaigns that create high profit brands that create an ever-expanding pool of funds that further creates a perpetual movement that almost overwhelms all reason and sensibility.

Fortunately there is a small, but growing number of academics, medical professionals and other health professionals that are beginning to organise themselves to combat the onslaught that has been inflicted on most health channels, and the message is getting out through independent media outlets, generally Internet based.
It was the independent media groups that helped deliver the presidency to Donald Trump in the US, much to the horror of mainstream media who found their election candidates bypassed in their last elections.

i2P is a member of this independent media group and is the reason we are able to bring to Australian pharmacists a range of unusual stories that influence their professional direction and are not covered by mainstream media.

The original vision for i2P was to provide information on management and marketing systems to enhance pharmacy practice.
While that vision still exists we are finding it necessary to expand a range of information that helps to defend damaging incursions into pharmacy practice that are designed to manipulate pharmacists into unethical pathways.

While that can be depressing there is the underlying knowledge that with courageous leadership the strength that underlies the pharmacy profession will still prevail even though some participants have given up and fled to greener pastures.

i2P has been documenting for some time the elements that would reconstitute a community pharmacy to reach a new paradigm that would create a business model that could sustain all the pressures created by government “transparency” reforms, Big Pharma manipulations and unfair competition created by medical profession suppression and manipulation.

To introduce you to the latest incarnation of a sustainable community pharmacy business model we offer you a lead article in this edition that may help you to focus your vision and shape a version of the proposition discussed which attempts to provide solutions for loss of confidence in pharmacy by banks and other financial institutions, the poor remuneration of all pharmacists, but particularly the young sector, the community pharmacy model that is under 360 degree pressure from all competing retail and health profession competitors and a leadership that has not yet found a way forward.
Read:  Micro-practice – Future Direction for Pharmacy

Harvey Mackay reinforces in general terms what should reinforce a vision for pharmacy and offers some advice on developing a strong culture for business.
It has relevance to the corruption that permeates the perimeter of our profession.
Read: Strong corporate culture is a boon to business

And Mark Coleman provides information on how mainstream media amplifies manufactured news using the “echo chamber” technique. This is how a small group of people can manipulate public opinion by planting false stories that appear to ignite public perception that “something is not quite right”.
Read: The Pauline Hanson Echo Chamber and the Manufacturing of Consent in Science

Gerald Quigley picks up on the need for individual pharmacists to maintain their own health, given the unusual stresses of our time.
We sometimes put ourselves last in terms of health priorities – not being at our best to service our patients.
Read: Do we follow our own advice?

We continue our column relating to medical cannabis and in this particular report we include another form of health benefit that is derived from the remarkable plant that provides so many human health solutions.
The hemp form of cannabis can provide low-carbon footprint for some building materials that can have substantial effects in the public health area.
Read: Understanding Medical Cannabis – 1. NSW Labor Push for Decriminalisation 2. Cannabis Removes Alzheimer Plaque 3. Public Health – Low Carbon Footprint in Buildings

The Safe Vaccination Debate continues to illustrate that no area of health is safe from manipulation by Big Pharma and its followers.
Vaccination is an area that provides the perfect business model for a corrupt industry – toxic adjuvants and preservatives that create permanent inflammatory  illnesses in our children that will require permanent medication management solutions that will further inflict damaging side effects through imperfect product safety.
And our most senior politicians have caved in through bribery “in plain sight”.
It’s just disgusting!
Read: The Safe Vaccination Debate – Evidence Suppression and Compromised Evidence 1. Judy Wilyman Report 2. Critical Literature Review 3. Censorship at NIH

And we finish our offering for this edition with media releases from some of the major pharmacy leadership organisations.

PSA – http://i2p.com.au/psa-media-releases-1-women-in-leadership-2-pharmacists-honoured-3-seema-khiani-intern-pharmacist-of-the-year/

ASMI – http://i2p.com.au/asmi-media-releases-1-otc-labels-key-for-safe-use-nsaids-2-advertising-to-drive-consumer-health-with-pharmacist-involvement/

NPS – http://i2p.com.au/nps-media-release-australian-prescriber/

We hope you enjoy the offering for this edition and we invite you to comment on each article in the panel provided.

Neil Johnston,
Editor i2P E-Magazine
Monday 20 March 2017

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  1. Another excellent magazine, and spot-on editorial. Thank you for your courage in exposing the orchestrated assault on truth and health rights. I hope that small band of academics and health professionals you referred to quickly grows in strength, to help combat the ‘dark forces’ and their media lackeys before too much more damage is done.

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