1. I have for many years read Rollo Manning’s articles, respected his views and many times heeded his advise.
    I am saddened at his passing and sorry that I never personally met him. He was a great Pharmacist.

  2. Vale Rollo, your insights into the issues we faced as a profession back in 2000 are just as relevant today. The Australian public doesn’t place a value on our involvement, the sameness to which you refer is the same, technology has meant that we are faster and cheaper…….health science has become so advanced that there are hardly any healthy people left! A message on FB every now and again through your (no doubt) new divine contacts would be appreciated…..

  3. I am so sorry to hear of this news. Rollo was always a champion to address health inequity and a hard and devoted worker. A lifetime of craft (art)- thanks Rollo.
    So applies the first Hippocratic aphorism to all of us; “Life is short, the Art long, opportunity fleeting, experience false, judgment difficult.” Aphorisms 4 (1.1).

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