Coercive Vaccination and Senate Submission

From Judy Wilyman

Coercive Vaccination in Australia: A Breach of Good Medical Practice

Fights for the proper debate of all evidence to ensure a robust evidence repository.
Fights for the proper debate of all evidence to ensure a robust evidence repository.

The concerned Australian community calls on the new Liberal team to put an end to coercive vaccination practices in Australia. The ‘No Jab No Pay’ policy that is currently before a Senate Committee Inquiry in Australia and due to be introduced into law by 1 January 2016 represents a breach of good medical practice and allows experimentation on the population. This policy provides financial inducements for a medical intervention in healthy people; vaccination. The number of vaccines on the government’s National Immunisation Program (NIP) has been continually expanding over many decades, hence the current combination of vaccines (12 vaccines or approximately 33 doses) in an infant’s body has never been tested for long-term safety in controlled clinical trials. The government NCIRS is aware that educated people are choosing not to vaccinate because they have researched vaccines, yet this policy removes the ability of many educated parents to make decisions about their children’s health.   .

Vaccines have been continually added to this schedule since 1990 when no infectious diseases were a threat to the majority of Australians, hence the combination of these vaccines has never been tested in infants and chronic illness in infants is sky-rocketing. It is reasonable to presume that vaccines will continue to be added to this schedule in the future, without knowledge of the long-term health effects, and all Australians will have to use these vaccines because state laws are now mandating vaccines for entry into childcare centres.

Governments globally describe vaccines as being ‘unavoidably unsafe’ and regulators do not know the type and frequency of adverse events caused by vaccines because they have not set up a monitoring system that can make causal relationships to the vaccines. Government regulators are 100% funded by industry and it is not in their interest to do this. Vaccines were not the primary factor for the decline in infant mortality due to infectious diseases. Here is a quote from Professor Fiona Stanley, Australian of the Year (2003) for her work in children’s health:
 ‘Infectious deaths fell before widespread vaccination was implemented’ (Stanley F, Child Health Since Federation, 2001, p378).

In other words, vaccine-induced herd immunity did not control infectious diseases in Australia and this fact is supported by the prominent public health officials of the 20th century. This information is not presented by the Australian Academy of Sciences (AAS) because they are using selective studies funded by industry to make claims about the safety, efficacy and necessity of vaccines. The Australian NIP is not designed by the Australian government it is designed by international agreements involving pharmaceutical companies – the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI).

Political decisions are being made globally about the use of vaccines in humans by ignoring the medical literature that demonstrates the dangers of combining vaccines in infants and adults. This is being done by political advisory boards with conflicts of interest, professional associations that require medical practitioners to support government policies and by changing the definition of ‘General Practitioner’ in the new ‘No Jab No Pay’ policy. This is being done without discussion with the Australian population. 

This Bill represents a breach of good medical practice and it violates 5 international human rights covenants as well as the directives from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in the Australian Immunisation Handbook. In addition, these coercive measures are being introduced in a Social Services policy that is unsupported by any legislation or regulations under any Health Act in Australia – at a time when there is no increased threat from infectious diseases. This is a ‘one-size fits all’ policy in a genetically diverse population that will cause more harm than good when infectious diseases are not a serious threat to the majority of the Australian population.  

Judy Wilyman
PhD Candidate
University of Wollongong 

From Elizabeth Hart

Concerned about over-vaccination in Australia
Concerned about over-vaccination in Australia

As you’re aware, the Australian Federal Government is planning to make vaccination compulsory for children of all ages to access government financial inducements from January 2016.  This makes Australia one of the most aggressive vaccinating countries in the world, along with the United States.

In this regard, please see my Submission re No Jab No Pay bill – Elizabeth Hart
In my submission I’ve requested the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee reject the deeply flawed No Jab, No Pay Bill and also request they:
I’ve also referred to:
  • the defective acellular pertussis vaccine and multiple revaccinations with this vaccine; 
  • questioned ‘what is immunity?’; 
  • parallels with over-use of vaccine products and over-use of antibiotics; 
  • questionable experimentation with viruses and bacteria – e.g. the controversial research into making H5N1 (‘bird flu’) more transmissible, funded by the US National Institutes of Health;
  • the Cochrane Vaccines Field’s (i.e. Tom Jefferson’s) dodgy aluminium and vaccine safety review; 
  • the continued pressure for the meningococcal b vaccine to be added to the schedule even though the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee has rejected this vaccine product three times;  
  • misuse of the words ‘immunisation’ and ‘vaccination‘; 
  • incentive payments to doctors for pushing vaccination and ethical concerns; 
  • the No Jab, No Pay Bill being a cynical budget savings measure; 
  • then Prime Minister Tony Abbott responding to the Murdoch Media’s crude ‘No Jab, No Play’ campaign, and endorsing government mandated vaccination at the behest of tabloid newspapers, without giving serious consideration to the complexity of the matter and the lack of transparency and accountability for vaccination policy in Australia; 
  • and Michael Leunig’s cartoons re vaccination, e.g. Fascist epiphany and Some mothers do ‘ave ‘em which reflect the concern some parents have about the plethora of lucrative vaccine products being pressed upon children.
My submission is also accessible via this link:  (Please let me know if you have any problem accessing the link.)
I’ll update my homepage re my Campaign Against Compulsory Over-vaccination soon.

Elizabeth Hart

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