Can we make a difference on mental health?

It’s Men’s Health Week, and I’m sure that you are aware of the shocking statistics surrounding depression in men.
The reasons why men seem to be so vulnerable are debated constantly, but statistics don’t lie.
We pharmacists are in a rather privileged position to help.
Or, on the other hand, we can decide not to get involved at all, and dispense antidepressant medications as we usually do, and ignore our potential for professional interventions.

We are entering an era of “food for special medical purposes”.
One exciting development in this area is the use of l-methylfolate – the bioactive form of folate – which if added to prescription medications for depression, can significantly increase the proportion of depressed patients that respond positively.
There is evidence to demonstrate a link between low folate levels and the risk and management of major depressive disorders.

What an opportunity!

L-methylfolate is available as Neurofolin and is a pharmacy-only product.
Psychiatrists in Australia are recommending 
l-methylfolate to their patients and we need to be part of that supportive structure.

L-methylfolate is a vital nutrient and is the only form of folate that can cross the blood-brain barrier, and therefore influence the synthesis of serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine, which are key chemical messengers involved in depression management.

How many of us have known people in society who have taken their own lives because of unsatisfactory pharmacological management?

Blokes are their own worst enemies.

Interventions like l-methylfolate, based on solid research and supported by expert mental health practitioners will enhance our professional standing within mental health support.

Are you ready?

Are you be willing to learn more, and practice your intervention skills?

You might save a life.


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