ASMI Media Releases – New Membership Fee Structure

ASMI membership more accessible for SME’s with new fee structure for associate members
29 May 2015 –

The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) today announced a new membership fee structure for associate members to make ASMI membership more affordable for small businesses and individual consultants.

Filomena Maiese, ASMI Marketing and Business Development Director, said: “Associate membership opens doors for small organisations that supply goods and services to the consumer healthcare products industry.

“ASMI membership is a great way for small organisations to develop and grow their business by meeting potential clients, staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the sector and networking with other ASMI members and the ASMI Board.

“Associate members are encouraged to participate in subcommittees and working groups, providing opportunities to influence policy and practices within the sector and network with members. They are also able to access advice from ASMI’s PR, regulatory, advertising and scientific experts.

“Law firms, public relations and marketing consultancies, advertising agencies and other companies that supply goods or services to ASMI’s member companies are associate members.

“The ASMI associate membership subscription is now based on the number of employees in a company and starts as low as $1,500 per annum,” she added.

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