ASMI Media Release – ASMI welcomes Vic. Prescription Monitoring

ASMI welcomes Victorian Government funding for real-time prescription monitoring system
6 May 2015 –

The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) today welcomed the Victorian Government’s commitment of $300,000 for planning and development of a real-time prescription monitoring system to help reduce the inappropriate use of some medicines.

Dr Deon Schoombie, ASMI Executive Director, said:

 “A real-time prescription monitoring system is an important measure to support the Quality Use of Medicines.

 “Such a system could be used to monitor the use of OTC codeine-combination analgesics. “

ASMI supports the establishment of a real-time monitoring system for OTC codeine combination analgesics as a tool to help pharmacists manage the risk of the potential misuse of these medicines.

Pharmacists could use the system to identify consumers who may be at risk and to refer them to a GP or pain clinic for specialist intervention,” he added

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