ASMI Media Release – ASMI Congratulates Tim Roper

ASMI congratulates Tim Roper
31 March 2016

The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) congratulated and thanked Tim Roper, Executive Director, New Zealand Self Medication Industry (NZSMI), for his exceptional contribution  to the consumer healthcare products industry. Tim recently announced his retirement, which will commence at the beginning of May.

ASMI Chief Executive Officer, Deon Schoombie, said: “Tim made an immense contribution to the industry during his eight years leading NZSMI. He is a passionate advocate for self care and the benefits it brings to consumers. He has vigorously advocated for a policy environment in New Zealand that supports self care, including increased consumer access to medicines.

“ASMI and NZSMI have a long history of collaboration. Over the years we have joined forces on several projects impacting the regulatory framework for OTC and complementary medicines and sustainable growth of the sector in Australia and New Zealand,” he added.

Scott Milne, a pharmacist, entrepreneur and former city councillor, has been appointed to the role of NZSMI Executive Director to replace Tim Roper.

“The consumer healthcare products industry is growing strongly in Australia and New Zealand and there are many exciting opportunities on the horizon for ASMI and NZSMI. We welcome Scott Milne to his new role and look forward to working with him to fully realise the potential of these opportunities,” said Schoombie.

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