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  1. This and the mention above re having to display and sell various useless and/or proven harmful – on proper non-corrupted evidence based research – products, and see nightly, and probably daily as well, proven dangerous analgesics touted for infants for mild discomfort, is horrendous, and extremely disappointing that FSM et al, TGA, and pharmacists and consumer groups say and do nothing. Outcry re something as harmless as Homeopathy, irridology, reiki, acupuncture, or even Chiropractic decries intelligence. First do no harm has long been forgotten and removed from the Hippocratic Oath, which has itself long been removed from medical graduation ceremonies. What all the sceptics, and the Skeptiks too, need to stop and remember that medicine is the first choice for most, and when it fails, clients look elsewhere for help. When they find it cheaply, get often dramatic results, with no cascade of side-effects, from someone who listens to their concerns, then they go back in future. Result, lost active patient to the GP. Hence the outcry and smear campaign. Not concern re the patient, concern through lost income as per the $6000 egg above.

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