2 Comments on 17 traditional medicine modalities discriminated against

  1. keep up the good work. Starting http://www.whistleblowersunite.com to be the litigation vehicle in Australia to remedy the corruption and damage.

  2. Jenny O'Dwyer // July 1, 2016 at 10:09 am // Reply

    Thankyou thankyou for restoring my faith in the medical/pharmacist area.
    I have been using Natural Health remedies from trained practitioners for 30 years. I also use remedies from pharnacy & healthfood stores where they have a Naturapath.

    I have veen quite frightened that my healthy lifestyle of choice was going to be banned by these monstrous narrow minded controlling attitudes.

    I have been on the FOSM & have felt quite terrified at their almost Nazi like
    attitudes towards what I choose to take for my ongoing heakthcare. I am 65 years old & have been kept in great health becayse of using Homeopathy Herbal medicines & Acupuncture

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