What turf war??

Why do we keep apologising so much?
I wrote on my Facebook page recently how concerned I was at the perceived turf war between GPs and pharmacists.
One of the first comments was that I was “doctor bashing”. 
It seems normal these days that rational, sensible discussions are a thing of the past.
Now, you are aggressively “for” or “against” any aspect of health that is up for debate.

I was merely reporting the facts, but as so often happens, facts are distorted to express an opinion.
The Pharmacy Guild is seeking “peace” ……peace for what?
Has the Society an opinion on this?
Once again, they have gone quiet and the retail sector is flying the white flag.
Have we done anything wrong by exploring options to give better patient outcomes?
How is a turf war involved here?
What do our patients think?

 We don’t seem to have been able to develop a “clinical personality” and I feel that it’s about time we did.
Our role is important and under-valued, so let’s step up and show our patients that we are a vital cog in the health wheel.

It seems to suit Governments when differences of opinion arise between various cogs of that wheel.
If we have a clinical personality we are relevant, valued and appreciated by our advocates – our patients.

“Do the simple things extraordinarily well” is a mission statement that should be taught at tertiary level.
We seem to have forgotten how to do that.

Get involved, express an opinion and gain respect in your community.

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