Walking Group is a Step to Better Health

Joining a walking group may be just what the doctor orders, because research suggests it is one of the best ways to improve your overall health.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine states that it’s easy to stick with this type of exercise program, which offers a wide range of health benefits and has virtually no side effects.

Joining a walking group led to decreases in blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat, weight and total cholesterol, the study found.

In addition, walkers saw improvements in overall physical functioning and lung power. Additionally, symptoms of depression seemed to be reduced by joining an outdoor walking group.

The social aspect of walking groups might help people develop positive attitudes about physical activity.

I see these groups walking within shopping centres and in parks.

Why not sponsor a group. Approach a company you are comfortable with, supply tee- or polo-shirts with appropriate endorsements of your pharmacy name, and enjoy the benefits of a moving advertisement.

Better still….join in!


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