Vaccines – Conflict of Interest

Here’s an interesting discussion about the conflict of interest surrounding supposedly ‘independent’ sources that back the US government’s assertion that vaccines and autism are not related.
Front organisations such as Every Child by Two, and Dr. Paul Offit, receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines.
They do not disclose how much money they make, and, yet, they claim that these huge sums of money in no way influence their stance on vaccine safety.
What do you think?

One response to “Vaccines – Conflict of Interest”

  1. Some of we “old bods” remember when our own children were vaccinated over an extended period of time. Why now, is there a rush to give a raft of vaccines, each causing their own individual response, but at multiple levels. If challenging an undeveloped immune response for a single vaccine is recognised, then how can we measure the impact on this undeveloped immune system when combined vaccines are administered. Surely cost and convenience can’t be considered over patient safety? Or can it?

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