hempcrete homeIf you are considering building a home, or even remodeling an existing one, think about using economical, versatile hempcrete as a building material. A simple combination of hemp hurd — the soft inner core of the hemp plant stem, water, and lime – hempcrete offers lots of personal benefits to builders.  Even more important is what building with hempcrete can do for the planet.  Consider these built in benefits that come with building with hempcrete:

  1. Carbon Neutral or Negative – Providing you source your materials locally, hempcrete is a carbon negative building material. Even with hemp and lime outsourced from overseas, a hempcrete home still produces a carbon neutral footprint.
  2. Renewable Resource – Hemp is a renewable resource that takes about 4 months to grow, as opposed to decades for traditional lumber.
  3. Uses Less Timber – Even though hempcrete homes are typically wood framed, they offer about 28% savings in the amount of wood used to frame traditional homes.
  4. mixing hempcreteEnergy Efficient — Super insulating, energy efficient hempcrete reduces, and in some cases eliminates, the need for mechanical heating and cooling.
  5. Easy to Work With — Hempcrete is easy to mix and aside from an optional concrete mixer, needs no special equipment.  It’s a forgiving material that makes fixing mistakes quick and easy.
  6. Non-Combustible – Hempcrete is non-combustible, meaning even in areas prone to fire, the house and its contents will survive and not add to diminished air quality.  Hempcete homes will usually pay far less for fire insurance as well.
  7. Insect repellant – Your hempcrete home will never need toxic termite treatments as insects can’t penetrate it.
  8. Long Lasting – Once built, a hempcrete home will last for generations, that’s because over time the hempcrete becomes petrified, turning your home into a fortress as strong as a rock.

Learn More About Hempcrete

Cheri Sicard at a hemcrete workshop

Here I am at Hemp Technologies great hands-on hemprcrete workshop.

One of the best ways to learn more about Hempcrete is to the a Hemp Technologies workshop.  Check out the Hempcrete article I wrote for High Times about my experience at one of these terrific hands-on learning workshops.