Understanding Medical Cannabis – 1. A Life of its own – Dan’s Story 2. Cannabis: 100 Reference Studies

1. “A life of its own, the truth about medical marijuana” on SBS Sunday night

Lucy Haslam,Tamworth, Australia

APR 4, 2017 — Dan’s Story to be shown for the first time on Australian TV on SBS this Sunday Night (9th April).
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is certainly true of the incredible documentary made about our battle to legalise medicinal Cannabis for some of Australia’s sickest. Here is the trailer which should be viewed knowing that the Dell family who feature at the beginning of the trailer have already relocated to Canada to be able to care for their little daughter Abbey who has intractable epilepsy.
Australian policy is continuing to fail genuinely sick people who are already battling harder than seems fair.
Please watch the documentary and continue to fight for the rights of patients to access medical cannabis which for many is a medical necessity.

7 responses to “Understanding Medical Cannabis – 1. A Life of its own – Dan’s Story 2. Cannabis: 100 Reference Studies”

  1. Why is this medicine being held back from sick people??? IS IT BECAUSE BIG PHARMA MAKES TOO MUCH MONEY ON THEIR TOXIC DRUGS TO GIVE IT A CHANCE TO WORK???

  2. Marijuana is a better medicine than any of big pharmas toxic drugs that they use to keep people in a state of illness so they keep coming back to doctors for more toxic drugs and never get any relief!!

  3. Been free of seizure since 1984,and healed of Breast cancer 10yrs thanks To God an cannabis Dennis an Carla Reeves

  4. Hi, how many of these cancer studies are invivo? By that I mean in live animals? Would be very useful to see a breakdown by:

    1. Mice
    2. Rats
    3. Humans
    4. Other animals



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