1. Thank you for providing some balance. Whenever anyone criticises the sacred cow of vaccination they are treated as an outcast. It is about time we were allowed some debate about this very dividing issue. I have read her thesis and think it is excellent.

  2. So the NHMRC has declared that there is no evidence supporting homeopathy – the traditional health practices used by the British royal family for generations. How interesting. It would appear that homeopathy has been beneficial to the royal family but must be denigrated and declared useless for the general public. Can Australia’s NHMRC still be described as an ‘health promoting organisation’ when it has taken this contradictory position? I would be very interested to hear an answer to this question, particularly when the fraud of ‘evidence-based medicine’ is being exposed by medical professionals and academics everywhere. The harm caused by many drugs that are now being promoted on ‘evidence-based medicine’ is well documented but the NHMRC is ignoring this evidence to make claims that will harm human health. Here is a link to just one of the these articles by medical professionals exposing the fraud inherent in pharmaceutical medicine that is being ignored by the NHMRC. How independent is this body? https://anticorruptionsociety.com/2016/03/12/honest-physicians-prove-that-evidence-based-medicine-is-a-fraud/

    • Homeopathy may have been used by the British royal family for generations, but where’t the evidence that it was beneficial to them? They may have thought it was, but blue blood and self delusion are not mutually exclusive.

      • Many pharmaceutical drugs are being used today without evidence that they are beneficial and chronic illness escalates as the hospitals get bigger and bigger. Self-delusion and marketing strategies perpetuate these beliefs. The royal family hasn’t been harmed from homeopathy and it has been tested over many generations. So at least the practice is health promoting even if some remedies are not as beneficial as claimed.

  3. Judys Work is excellent, well worth reading. I took the PCR tests of kids in the first ever outbreak of Whooping cough in Albany Western Australia in 2010. All fully vaccinated, all vaccine failures. WA Health took tests from kids whose vaccines were still working, and they were found to be carriers, spreading whooping cough with no signs of illness. When WA Health, and Telethon Kids suddenly become so corrupt, and have now hidden all those results, 6 years later, now telling pregnant women to use the useless Dtap vaccine, never tested on pregnant women, all to collude with the vaccine god, to hide the fact all the infected babies are infected by symptomless vaccinated siblings??? How fraud can fraud get? Now the bigger fraud to prevaccinate babies in utero with a vaccine that kills the babies if given at birth? To stop the babies catching whooping cough from their fully vaccinated siblings? How absurd! Babies are now aborted after the jab, the cord stops growing, the babies stop growing, the babies die. And if they survive they have 1 in 500 chance of microcephaly (Statistics Brazil, and USA). angelaoffer@hotmail.com

  4. Apologies for they typo, the statistics are quoted as 2 – 2.5% of babies in USA, now have microcephaly. ie 1 in 50, higher than the autism epidemic rates. In Brazil of 5,000 microcephalic babies all had Tdap from May 2015, from 20 weeks gestation, and the birth defects began 20 weeks later, when they were born, in October. I have the references, and statistics, if anyone wants them. CDC seem to be selectively removing references from the web.

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