The Safe Vaccine Debate – 1. Dr Judy Wileyman Report – Newsletters #176 & #177 2. AVN – VaxXed Tour of Queensland – Natural Health Petitions – Invitation to Govt Health Authorities & Medical Authorities -Banned in Australia 3. – Elizabeth Hart Responses

1. The Dr Judy Wileyman Report: Newsletters #176 & #177

Newsletter 176 Australia: Moving towards a Medical Police State (Part 2) 2 October 2017

It is time for all Australians to get involved in the vaccination debate as mandatory vaccination is now being forced on many adults in employment situations. The government has also implemented the Adult Immunisation Register to monitor and enforce adult compliance with the recommended schedule of 16 plus vaccines. 

In Perth a 1 year old healthy boy died on 10 July 2017 three hours after receiving 6 vaccines but this incident was not reported in the mainstream media. Many others have died or are seriously injured after vaccines but they are also not reported in the corporate-sponsored mainstream media or documented by our 100% corporate-funded government regulator the Therapeutic Goods Administrator (TGA).

Here is a 20 min video clip showing the global media blackout of public rallies against mandatory vaccines in many countries. It also provides exerts from the speeches given at the Sydney No Jab No Play Protest Rally held 12 September 2017 in Martin Place. 

The Australian government is currently putting up a 2.6 metre high fence around parliament house in a $126 million  security upgrade and this is two years after independent MP Andrew Wilkie warned in the Australian parliament that Australia was in danger of becoming a police state. In this video clip of his speech in parliament he says that there are 10 characteristics of a police state that were implemented in Australia by 2015.

This speech was given around the same time that the Murdoch dominated Australian media promoted the No Jab No Pay social welfare policy that bribed parents to use all 16 vaccines that are recommended by the corporate-dominated GAVI alliance to all World Health Organisation (WHO) member countries.

In other words, the governments of WHO member countries no longer design public health policy based on objective science with respect to their own country’s specific environmental and lifestyle needs. This is a travesty for public health because it is well established that these social determinants of disease were responsible for the decline in infectious disease deaths in the mid-twentieth century – before mass vaccination campaigns were introduced.

And when mass vaccination campaigns were introduced after 1950 they were always voluntary – right up until 2015 when Australia introduced the No Jab No Pay policy without any justification by health ministers, public health authorities or medical doctors.

Here is a link to Newsletter 175 Australia: Moving towards a Medical Police State (Part 1) that shows how Australian universities are permitting industry-associated lobby groups and non-expert academics to promote false information about vaccines to the public.

Newsletter 177 Australia Moving towards a Medical Police State (Part 3) 9 October 2017

In Australia there are three or more doctors and several chiropractors now being investigated by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority (AHPRA) for discussing the risks of vaccines as stated in the medical literature.

These doctors and chiropractors are promoting the health and safety of their patients yet they are being investigated by their professional board. This is a board that claims its objective is to ‘promote the health and safety of the public’ yet if is suppressing the debate by doctors on the safety and necessity for the recommended vaccines.

Where is the debate of the scientific literature on vaccines in Australia?

In contrast to the doctors above that are being investigated for their integrity in protecting public health, AHPRA has refused on two occasions to investigate the following conduct of an Australian doctor.

This doctor, Mr. John Cunningham, a spinal surgeon from Melbourne, has used inappropriate strategies to provide the public with false information about university research on vaccines.

John Cunningham has presented false information about my UOW research on vaccines in public emails, the mainstream media and on social media, and he has been awarded with an Order of Australia Medal for ‘Science and Immunisation’ promoted by a corporate-associated lobby group – the Australian Skeptics Inc. This gives credibility to his fabricated information. Here is a summary of his conduct as a medical professional in Australia:

1) Sending unsolicited emails (February/March 2014) to members of the public with false information about my UOW research that he endorsed with the email addresses of UOW academics – even though he had no connection with the University of Wollongong or these academics.

2) He made an anonymous fabricated complaint of “allegations of academic misconduct” (July 2014) to UOW about my research and this investigation was leaked to the mainstream media – anonymously. The university stated that John Cunningham had misused the university’s complaint procedures in making these false allegations and that the investigation was unwarranted – no evidence of academic misconduct was provided with his allegations. His allegations were fabricated and they were reported in the mainstream media anonymously, before the investigation was completed. These allegations have been used to smear my reputation in public debates of vaccination and also on Wikipedia.

3) John Cunningham has written numerous articles in the Australian newspaper (News Ltd) in his role as a SAVN / Friends of Science / Aust Skeptic Inc activist that have made derogatory and unsupported claims about the assessment of my PhD research at UOW.

The Medical Board of Australia is also supporting the Australian government to use the terrorist laws to prevent parents and informed health practitioners from coming to Australia to talk about the causes of their children’s chronic illness, including autism, to other parents. 

How can the health and safety of the public be promoted by AHPRA when it is not investigating doctors that misinform the public about academic research and when it is suppressing the debate of the medical literature by investigating doctors who are providing valid information on the harm caused by vaccines?

Here is a 12 min video of the damage being caused globally to adolescents by the HPV vaccine – Sacrificial Virgins: Part II Pain and Suffering –  a vaccine that is only alleged to prevent cervical cancer.

In my next newsletter I will describe the strategies that the Medical Board of Australia is using to prevent doctors from speaking about the risks of vaccines to their patients and in government policy.

Dr. Judy Wilyman
Bachelor of Science, University of NSW
Diploma of Education (Science), University of Wollongong
Master of Science (Population Health), Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Wollongong.
PhD in The Science and Politics of the Australian Government’s Vaccination Program, UOW School of Social Science, Media and Communication (re-named the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry in 2014).

2. AVN: VaxXed Tour of Queensland

The AVN is bringing the VaxXed tour to areas of QLD that have been wanting such an event for many months. And QLD government officials, medical authorities and media outlets could not be more upset.
Cameron Dick, QLD Health Minister, has called on Queenslanders to boycott the film and for venues to refuse to show it.
Dr Jeannette Young, Chief Medical Officer, states that vaccines are linked to SIDS or autism were “entirely baseless, irresponsible and dangerous’
And Dr Michael Gannon, AMA President, is concerned that the AVN is ‘pursuing’ QLD towns with good vaccination rates.
He apparently thinks that exposure to the truth about vaccines may lead to people making informed choices to stop vaccinating.
As a result of these concerns, the AVN has invited these three individuals, Cameron Dick, Dr Jeannette Young and Dr Michael Gannon, to attend any of the VaxXed events they would like, to sit on the Q & A Panel and to be available to prove to our audiences exactly why they should take the government’s and doctor’s word regarding vaccine safety and effectiveness.
After all, if they have nothing to hide, they will have everything to gain from their attendance at these events.
There will be the VaxXed screenings to end all screenings because, in addition to Tasha David, AVN President and Meryl Dorey, AVN Founder, we hope to have several USA VaxXed team members appearing via Skype hookup as well. The government hasn’t yet been able to ban anyone from appearing via video hookup – though no doubt they are trying!
Below are links to each of the events – tickets are now on sale! If you would like to see the entire list online, here is our Eventbrite Page.
Can you please share this information by forwarding to everyone you know in QLD, by sharing these links on social media and by coming along to the event nearest you? We would love to see you there!
Ipswich 21st October
Toowoomba 22nd October
Roma 23rd October
Emerald 25th October
Rockhampton 26th October
Mackay 27th October
Bowen 28th October
Townsville 30th October
Cairns 31st October
Mossman 2nd November
Bundaberg 5th November
Maryborough 6th November
We still need helpers in Townsville, Emerald and several other locations – we will be sending out another message by the weekend with updates on what is needed.
Please email if you would like to be either an ambassador or assistant (or if you want to find out what is involved with helping). We will need your name, phone number and email address please.
Thanks to everyone for your help!
Let’s make this the most amazing tour ever!

The National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC),
Australia’s top medical research body, ​claims to have found that ​17 natural therapies are ineffective.
This may lead to
  • Insurance rebates for natural therapies being scrapped 
  • Natural medicines being banned from sale 
  • Practitioners being unable to access ingredients or products 
  • Educational institutions having to shut down 
  • ​Practitioners being prosecuted for using “ineffective treatments”  ​
​Support this petition to the House of Representatives to create an Agency which will discover and publish the truth.
PRACTITIONERS of all natural therapies, and health food store owners;
this Petition is to protect your future, but will only work if YOU make it happen by making it available for your patients and customers to sign.
Please place the Petition pages to be signed in your clinic or store, and the Promotional Poster if you wish
PATIENTS of natural therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, integrative medicine doctors;
this Petition is to protect your rights to choose the forms of healthcare that you wish to use in the future.
Please tell your practitioners and/or your local health food store about this Petition if they don’t already have this in their clinic or store.
Feel free to print out any of the material to take to your practitioner, OR to your local health food store.
IF 10,000 practitioners each get 100 patients to sign,
Access petition
​IMPORTANT: Please also give your support to an online petition by natural medicine associations requesting the Senate to conduct an inquiry into the probity of NHMRC research. You can access this petition at
BOTH petitions are vital.

Thank you for supporting the future of natural medicine in Australia. Please share in your networks.

An Invitation to Government and Medical Authorities: Will They Respond?

Today, the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network sent an invitation to the following individuals:
The Hon Cameron Dick, QLD Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services
Dr Jeannette Young, Chief Health Officer for QLD
Dr Michael Gannon, AMA President
Dr Bill Boyd, AMA President, QLD
The letter said:
I am writing to you on behalf of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network to extend an invitation to attend any of the up-coming screenings of the documentary film, VaxXed on its tour of Queensland free of charge. 
As you may or may not know, VaxXed tells the story of Dr William Thompson, a top scientist at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States who, in August 2014, was recorded admitting that the De Stefano study, published 10 years earlier, had been fraudulent. In fact, he said that data of a material nature showing that vaccination with the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR) was positively associated with a high risk of the development of autism in children who were vaccinated before the age of 3 – especially children of African-American dissent. This information was intentionally omitted from the final publication.
Since the Australian vaccination schedule actually includes more MMR vaccines prior to the age of 3 than the US schedule, many parents and health professionals are concerned about the possible effects this may have on children born here and vaccinated according to schedule.
As leaders in the medical community and in State Government, we feel that attendees to these events would be very interested in having your input and in being able to ask you questions regarding the issue of vaccination. We would like you to sit on our Q & A Panel and assure you that you will be given equal time with the other experts who will be in attendance to answer questions from the audience.
Below is a list of locations where VaxXed will be screening. We would love to have you attend so please just let our office know which one of these events would be most convenient for you and we will reserve 2 seats for yourself and whoever you would like to bring.

After all, the AVN, an Australian consumer health lobby and information organisation since 1994, always has an always will support the fundamental and inalienable right for all voices to be heard on this incredibly important subject. We welcome your information and would never call for anyone to boycott, censor or suppress what you have to say.



Polly Tommey has been given a 3-year ban to prevent her from coming to Australia just for questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.
This woman, who is one of the producers of the documentary film, VaxXed: from Cover-up to Catastrophe, and is the mother of a profoundly vaccine-injured 21-year old son, came here to help inform, comfort and support our own community of vaccine injured families.
She came to help prevent others from suffering as her family has suffered.
For her troubles, the Australian Government treated her like a terrorist and gave her a 3-year ban which will prevent her from entering Australia again for the foreseeable future.
But she will still be coming!
Polly has agreed to attend some of our up-coming VaxXed screenings in QLD (Click here to view all dates and locations) and her ‘partners in crime’ – other participants in the VaxXed documentary, Dr Andrew Wakefield and Dr Brian Hooker, will also try to be at some screenings.
These giants in our community will attend via Skype to answer your questions, listen to your stories and to inform you about the latest news in the areas of vaccination and health!
New Affiliate Opportunity
The AVN has set up an affiliate platform on Eventbrite. Anyone who would like to share information about our up-coming screenings in QLD (you do not need to live in QLD or even in Australia to be an affiliate) can take advantage of this opportunity.* All you need to do is share the events with your friends, family or mailing lists and use your unique codes in your message. You will then receive a payment of 10% for all tickets sold.
You will be helping yourselves, assisting the AVN and also showing the Australian Government that censorship is not on in a democratic nation.
*Please note – affiliate deals are not to be used as personal discounts.
What we need from you 

Please send an email to Use the subject line – I want to be an affiliate and include your Name, email address and phone number. Also, let us know which VaxXed event or events you wish to promote (there will be a different code for each event). We will be back to you within 24 hours with your instructions and codes.
Then, just send out the information by email, social media or any other way you can think of. It will be a win/win/win for you, the AVN and the community at large!

3. Vaccine Legally Valid Consent and Conflict of Interest

Hi All, just keeping you in the loop re the Australian over-vaccination situation, which is also relevant internationally in regards to the global push for compulsory vaccination.

Re my emails re re over-vaccination, ‘legally valid consent’, and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy addressed to Mr Michael Gorton at the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and Dr Joanna Flynn, Chair of the Medical Board of Australia.
I also forwarded an email to Dr Flynn re the meningoccal B vaccine, as advertised/promoted on the ABC 7.30 program.
My email to Dr Flynn also included an email I forwarded to Leigh Sales, the presenter of the 7.30 program, challenging the ABC’s advertising and promotion of this GlaxoSmithKline vaccine product.
This email thread can be accessed via this link:
Today I received a response from AHPRA to my emails to Mr Gorton and Dr Flynn.
The response is most unsatisfactory, and I will be pursuing the matter further.
The response from AHPRA can be accessed via this link:

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