The Pauline Hanson Echo Chamber and the Manufacturing of Consent in Science

Pauline Hanson recently ignited an echo chamber of media opinion, (major outrage building on previous outrage of reporters covering other reporters covering other reporters’ outrage), because she expressed a view on the ABC’s Insider Program that:
“parents needed to make an ‘informed’ decision about whether or not to vaccinate their children”.
“What I don’t like about it is the blackmailing that’s happening with the government,” she said regarding the Federal Government’s ‘no jab, no pay’ policy.
“Don’t do that to people. That’s a dictatorship. I think people have a right to investigate for themselves.”

That comment reverberated right up to and included prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, who vigorously defended the “no jab no pay policy” and added his own “echo” to the combined media noise frenzy condemning Pauline Hanson.
And why wouldn’t you, given that a Turnbull family vaccine associated company pocketed a sum of $220 million – proceeds of a sale to a global Pharma vaccine company just weeks after the “no jab no pay” legislation was voted in by the Australian Parliament.
On the latter event, and in contrast, no media echo chamber developed targeting the conflict of interest inherent in the Turnbull sale of a vaccine-related company plus the fact that a “blind trust” did not seem to exist to manage any political conflict of interest issues.
And further, given that a Cayman Island tax shelter is also involved, was tax paid (if any) to the ATO in an appropriate manner?
It seemed that a miniscule knowledge component of Pauline Hanson’s total statement, (relating to a vaccine test) was deemed more important as a national news issue and it became a “manufactured” issue that was ferociously attacked.

On this latter subject I have turned to an article written by US investigative journalist Jon Rappoport for a detailed comment on this form of media manipulation.
Jon has titled his report “Manufacturing consent in science: the diabolical twist”.

“Science plays a larger and larger role in running the world.
But much of it is misleading science, slanted, cooked, biased, stepped on, false, and invented out of thin air. 

In the famous 1988 Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman book, Manufacturing Consent, the authors explore how media distort the news and employ propaganda, in order to bring about consent in the population.
This is nothing less than the creation of reality.

From so many directions, official science is shaping our future—that’s why it’s vital to understand the manipulations involved.
It’s one thing to say media collaborate to sell a false picture of reality, a picture which is then bought by the masses. It’s quite another thing to say media collaborate to PRETEND there is ALREADY a consensus of the best professional minds on a given scientific subject—when there ISN’T.

I’ll start with a theoretical example. Let’s say three researchers at a university examine data based on US space shuttle missions, and they conclude that a small set of new conclusions is true. I’ll call this set X.

The researchers publish an article in a journal, and a healthy debate ensues in professional circles.
Is X correct?
Are there flaws in the research?

However, a powerful public agency decides that X is dangerous.
X could lead to inquiries about contractors, investigations into cost overruns, missing money, and, worst of all, flawed engineering of the shuttles.

Therefore, this powerful agency goes on an all-out propaganda campaign, tapping its press sources, culminating in a new study that concludes X is entirely false.
The press basically trumpets: “Experts agree X is false. X was the result of shoddy research.
The original researchers made numerous amateur mistakes.”

Notice that, in this case, the press isn’t simply distorting the news. It’s announcing that a superior consensus already/suddenly exists among the best scientific minds.
It’s lying about a consensus that doesn’t exist among scientists who, up until that moment, were having a healthy debate.
The press is presenting the false consensus as if it were real and widespread, when it isn’t.

But at this point, all relevant scientists get the message: keep quiet, don’t debate for another moment; otherwise grant monies will vanish, demotions will occur, peers will lay on heavy criticism, excommunication from The Club will follow.
So these scientists do keep quiet—and NOW a consensus among them comes into being, by implied threat and coercion.

This is basically what happened in the arena of energy-production via cold fusion. Wikipedia adequately summarizes the superficial situation: “The most famous cold fusion claims were made by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989. After a brief period of interest by the wider scientific community, their reports were called into question by nuclear physicists.”

Not just called into question; defamed, derided, mocked, slammed over the head with a sledgehammer.

A superior consensus was invented, despite the fact that many scientists were intensely interested in the Pons/Fleishmann findings. Some of these scientists tried, in vain, to point out that failed efforts to reproduce those findings resulted because researchers were altering Pons and Fleishman’s methods.
No dice. Cold fusion was labeled a giant error and even a fraud. The official door was closed. THEN a consensus hardened—through coercion and intimidation.

In my research leading up to the publication of my first book, AIDS INC., in 1988, I reviewed the period of the early 1980s, when many researchers were coming at the question of the cause(s) of AIDS from different angles. But then, suddenly, in the spring of 1984, the US government officially announced, at a televised press conference, that a virus called HTLV-III (HIV) was the cause.

The science was shoddy, to put it mildly.
It was bad science and no science.

There was no single published paper that meticulously laid out proof of HIV as the cause of AIDS.
But no matter.
Overnight, all the monies that had gone into discovering what caused AIDS were diverted into the question: How does HIV cause AIDS? Any scientist who failed to see the handwriting on the wall was shoved out into the cold.

The press closed ranks. The consensus (though it was manufactured in the blink of an eye) was trumpeted around the world.
The big news headline wasn’t just false and distorted. It was false-and-distorted about a consensus that, until a few seconds ago, didn’t exist—and only existed now because researchers went silent and accepted dogma and folded up.
Predatory corporations, who spray poisonous pesticides all over the world and cause birth defects, need special protection and cover? 

Public health agencies that recommend giving vaccines to pregnant women, and increase the risk of babies born with defects?
Solution: invent, overnight, and broadcast, a consensus that a basically harmless virus is the cause of those tragic birth defects.

I can assure you there are many scientists who don’t, for a second, believe the Zika virus is such an agent of destruction. But they have kept their mouths shut, and have chosen to roll with the tide.
However, that tide is turning, in many arenas of science. Journalists and researchers with no allegiance to official bodies have emerged.
A different species of handwriting is being inscribed on the wall.

What can the mainstream press do about it?
They can only deploy the crass tactics I’ve mentioned here.

A massive and stunning re-education is taking place among the population.
No school is running it.
No agency is sponsoring it.

It’s happening from the ground up.

It turns out that living as a cipher and a unit in the sticky web of fabricated consensus isn’t nearly as attractive as it once was.
More and more, major media are using the consensus strategy to invent the news—and people are rejecting it.

Without realizing it, the press is committing professional suicide.
An article that was once headlined, “Three dead horses found in a field,” has become, “Scientists agree that the three dead horses were an unconnected coincidence.”
And people are laughing the press out of court.

The ongoing scandal surrounding the film, Vaxxed, is a good example.
The press assures the population that pointing out a connection between a vaccine and autism is absurd, because scientific experts agree there is no such connection.

But the film features a long-time researcher at the Centres for Disease Control, who confesses that he and colleagues falsified a 2004 study in order to exonerate such a vaccine, the MMR, which does increase the risk of autism.

One of the film’s subjects is false consensus.
And the press can do no better than repeat, over and over: the consensus is real and valid.
The CDC researcher and whistleblower, William Thompson, essentially said: I was part of the fake consensus. Don’t you get it? I was a card-carrying member of the club that invents fake consensus. And now I’m telling you that.

Bottom line: the media are collapsing into their own swamp.
The swamp they manufacture.

For decades, the press, government agencies, the UN, and a whole host of think-tank, foundation, university players, and financiers have been fronting for a consensus which they falsely claim is already established: planned societies.
They frame this consensus as technology/science—as if science itself dictates that the future must consist of interlocked organizations which insert citizens into slots. Slots where they live, where they work, where they socialize.

Abstract patterns, imposed on humans.
This has the flavour of science, but on reflection, not the substance. “We can make the top-down organization of society look scientific, as if we’re following physical laws. We can sell this as science.”
Is a chart detailing how thousands of slaves will transport huge blocks of stone to chosen sites, where monuments will be built, scientific?
Of course not.
In the modern world, this fakery is called technocracy. Technocracy may employ methods such as technological surveillance, but the overriding plan for organizing society has nothing to do with science. It has to do with control.
And when you see it that way, the supposed consensus falls apart.

Who wants to live in an assigned slot “for the greater good?”

Up close and personal, who wants to give up his freedom?

Review your understanding of Marxism.
“From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”
It, too, was sold as a scientific analysis of human society.
It was imbued with the flavour of science, as if this Marxian principle had been discovered, just as molecules and atoms had been discovered.
And it too was promoted as an already-existing consensus among the wisest and the best and the brightest.

Obviously alarmed that Pauline Hanson’s comment carried the possibility of influencing the Australian population in a major way, Turnbull has played the last card in the pack and has removed “religious objection” as a reason for a vaccine refusal.
“Vaccination rates are high and increasing, but the government is aiming for a solid 100% rate”, says Health Minister Greg Hunt.

“While it’s a ‘tough policy’, the government will now be cutting the religious exemption from child vaccination – which means the only exemption allowed is on medical grounds”.

“Medical grounds are an absolute exemption. Under No Jab, No Pay, which is what the Federal Government does, what we have is no conscientious objection.
Basically it’s medical only,” he said.

I2P has previously pointed out that all of this policy is illegal under at least six international treaties and condemns the fabricated processes that underpin this flawed approach which is more about building wealth for Big Pharma, and in turn to create lobby funds for individual politicians, now a corrupt process.
When you couple that with suppression of information from safe vaccine proponents you are seeing, in a wider sense, the breakdown of democratic freedoms and the associated rights of freedom of speech and the right to dissent.
This is serious stuff!

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