Spread Ideas With Effective Visual Docs

While I was viewing this interesting slideshow it dawned on me that pharmacy communications had slipped badly because we had not embraced slidedoc communications with patients.
Knowing the difference between a
slidedoc and a slideshow presentation also helps.

It also crossed my mind that patient information may be better served if it was designed in this interesting format and delivered as “bite-sized” information chunks on a single slide using all the tools available.

Interesting graphics, animated graphics, large fonts etc can all be used to make the reading of otherwise very heavy and dense material m uch lighter, more entertaining and a higher retention for our ever increasing demographic of senior patients.
Those patients that are IT literate or carers who are also literate would find such communication tools of benefit.
These information sources can be stored on datasticks, DVD’s or on iotems such as Tablet portable computers.
With Wi-Fi  enablement, patients can view this type of information on their TV screens.

My active mind senses that there is a market here for some pharmacist to retail the required equipment and customise it for content. If pharmacists more fully embraced their role as patient information manageres, this type of activity might attract funding support from manufacturers, who are always looking for innovative methods of communicating their product information to patients.
Provided you maintain control of the information flow, this might prove a very interesting and creative service to provide patients with.

Something to replace the photographic market and linked to health. The mobile phone people have already found this combination a winner.

This slideshow is great reference material to assist you to design any future communications.
Read and enjoy.

Slidedocs: Spread Ideas with Effective Visual Documents from Duarte, Inc.

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