Something Fishy Going On?

I haven’t quite recovered from the surprise I received years ago when I found that the National Heart Foundation had awarded a fast food chain their famous “red tick” of approval for some of the “meals” they sold.

On reflection, that fast food chain got rather good value for a $300,000 per annum investment, but the Heart Foundation had dented their credibility in my view.

I’m therefore rather surprised at the media exposure being given to their latest “findings” about the role of omega-3 essential fatty acid supplements in protecting against heart disease.

The messages from the National Heart Foundation are quite confusing as well.
Media reports deride fish oil supplements.
The ASMI Media Statement (to which I’ve found very little referral in the media anyway) announces that supplements are important for those who don’t eat enough dietary fish oil.
Interestingly, that seems to be the majority of Australians!

So where from here?
Heart disease results from, amongst other things, inflammation.
Omega-3 essential fatty acids offset inflammation.
As the meerkats say…..”simple!”

More than ever, as cardiometabolic diseases continue to take the lives of so many Australians, we must ensure that our patients get the best fish oils possible.

Seek clarification from your suppliers about their raw material sources and their testing models.
And get that in writing!
If those aspects can’t be supplied, then it’s morally irresponsible to be associated with that range in any way.

Some of my patients have sought clarification on the sensational headlines.
Most others are merely shaking their heads at the ridiculous announcements in the popular press.

Thank goodness our patients have sense of balance in health reporting.


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