PSA Media Releases – PSA15 most successful PSA onshore conference to date

August 13, 2015
PSA15 most successful PSA onshore conference to date

The recent PSA15 conference held in Sydney has emerged as the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s most successful onshore conference to date.
Around 900 registrations were recorded for the event, a record for a PSA conference.

Chief Executive Office of PSA Dr Lance Emerson said the success of the event would help shape planning for PSA16 which today he announced would again be held in Sydney.

“We are in the process of finalising dates and venue and we hope to announce these shortly,” Dr Emerson said.

“PSA15 was a new concept in pharmacy conferences in Australia and evolved as a result of feedback from PSA members which saw PSA develop a unique formula which combined concepts from PAC and CPExpo into the one offering.”

Dr Emerson said the success of the event had led to some areas being a bit cramped and PSA was addressing this for PSA16.

“We will ensure the venue for PSA 16 is better able to accommodate the numbers that we saw at PSA15,” he said.

“We will also maintain the high standard of the program which saw sessions such as the Pharmacy Leaders Panel and the Collaborative Care Panel being very well attended.

“The keynote speaker, Dr Chris Baggoley, and the opening by the Minister for Health, the Hon Sussan Ley, were highlights on the opening morning and set the standard for the sessions to follow.

“Our clinical and business streams were also very well received and delegates commented on the quality of presentations and the value they took away from these sessions.”

Dr Emerson said social media also played a big part in reflecting the success of PSA15.

“The strong positive reaction to the conference was reflected in the more than 2800 tweets about the event,” Dr Emerson said.

“We are building on all these positives to ensure that PSA16 is even better. Stay tuned for more details of PSA16 in Sydney.”


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