PSA Media Releases – 1. Pharmacists support reform of mandatory reporting 2. PSA supports marriage equality in Australia rules

1. Pharmacists support reform of mandatory reporting rules
October 5, 2017

All health professionals including pharmacists should be exempted from mandatory reporting requirements, according to a submission released by the peak national body for pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA).

PSA has urged the COAG Health Council to adopt Western Australia’s model of mandatory reporting provisions for pharmacists seeking treatment for mental health and stress-related conditions.

To achieve a nationally consistent approach, COAG’s consultation paper has proposed four options, including the adoption of the WA model (Option 2), which exempts treating practitioners from mandatory reporting requirements.

PSA National President Dr Shane Jackson said: “PSA strongly supports access to healthcare for health professionals balanced with public safety.

“Pharmacists should be able to seek treatment for health issues confidentially without fear that their professional careers will be at risk. That’s why PSA recommends that the COAG Health Council progress Option 2, as outlined in the discussion paper.

The latest data from the Australian National Coronial Information System shows doctors and other health workers have the highest suicide rate among Australia’s white-collar workforce. Between 1 January 2011 and 31 December 2014, 153 health professionals died as a result of suicide.

“We are concerned that fear of mandatory reporting may reduce access to necessary healthcare for vulnerable health practitioners,” Dr Jackson said.

Dr Jackson said Australia’s pharmacy profession has robust codes, standards and guidelines for ethical and professional practice, including PSA’s Code of Ethics, Professional Practice Standards and the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s Code of Conduct for Pharmacists.

“Therefore PSA believes that pharmacists in Australia are well equipped to exercise professional judgement and meet their professional and ethical obligations to report a serious risk of harm,” Dr Jackson said.

PSA supports pharmacists – and all other health practitioners – being able to access treatment for health issues without concern or the potential impact on their registration.

Pharmacists needing support can also access the independent and free Pharmacists’ Support Service run by pharmacists for pharmacists. Phone: 1300 244 910

To read PSA’s submission, PSA’s AHMAC Mandatory Reporting Paper


2. PSA supports marriage equality in Australia
October 13, 2017

A new position statement endorsing marriage equality in Australia has been released today by the peak national body for all pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA).

With the diverse nature of the pharmacy profession and the communities pharmacists serve, PSA is committed to improving health outcomes for all Australians, especially groups at significant risk of harm.

Releasing its position statement on marriage equality, PSA – which proudly represents Australia’s 30,000 pharmacists working in all sectors and locations – highlighted that research shows same-sex marriage policies and mental health outcomes are inextricably linked.

PSA National President Dr Shane Jackson said: “PSA recognises that equality is a health issue, and is a right for all Australians, irrespective of age, culture, religion, sexuality or gender identity.

“This is reflected in PSA’s Code of Ethics for Pharmacists, which states that pharmacists have an obligation to respect the dignity and autonomy of the patient, recognise and respect patients’ diversity, cultural knowledge and skills, gender, beliefs, values, characteristics and lived experience, not to discriminate on any grounds and provide care in a compassionate, professional, timely, and culturally safe and responsive manner.”

The position statement said: “PSA supports marriage equality, in recognition of the link between improved health outcomes for LGBTIQ people and this type of legislative change.

“We are proud to join many other peak Health Organisations in Australia that support marriage equality.

“PSA is strongly committed to ensuring equality is achieved through the removal of structural and legislative barriers.  We encourage PSA members to read the statement and to vote as they wish for the Australian Marriage Law postal survey.”

To read the position statement, click here>>

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