1 Comment on PSA Media Releases – 1. Joining forces: Advanced Practice Collaborative to lead progress on Advanced Practice 2. Aboriginal health service pharmacist committee holds inaugural meeting 3. New 6CPA resource hub for all pharmacists 4. Elise Apolloni wins Telstra Australian Young Business Women’s Award 5. Training for pharmacy assistants to support pain management

  1. Our team at OurPillsTalk.com.au would like to join this committee with respect to PSA National President Dr Shane Jackson who said the group’s authoritative knowledge will contribute to the development of PSA’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Service Pharmacist Career Pathway. As such, with your kind assistance, Our Pills Talk Medication Safety App is designed to assist our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with safety and support with their Pills.The patient or carer scans their pharmacy-generated QR Barcode label and their doctor’s sigs are spoken out to them. These sigs can also be translated into many languages. Please contact Steve Cohen (now an honorary PSA member) at your earliest convenience. I have discussed this recently with Shane Jackson at our recent Pharmacy Convention in Sydney

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