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Health Destination leads the world in pharmacy practice improvement
August 29, 2016

Australia’s world-class, innovative Health Destination Pharmacy program has been honoured with a high-profile international Award for practice improvement, the peak national body for pharmacists the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) said today.

Accepted by PSA in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the evidence-based Health Destination program won the International Pharmaceutical Federation’s (FIP) inaugural Pharmacy Practice Improvement Programme Award for 2016.

The whole-of-business Health Destination program – proudly developed and designed in Australia – was rewarded for being a world-leader in overall pharmacy practice improvement, including for delivering effective healthcare services, improving business practices and increasing consumer engagement.

In accepting the Award at FIP’s Opening Ceremony, PSA National President Joe Demarte said it was a strong testament to the outstanding dedication, support and collaboration of everyone involved in bringing the Health Destination program to life over recent years.

“It’s an incredibly exciting achievement and honour to have an Australian-made pharmacy change program recognised internationally by our peers as truly world-leading,” said Mr Demarte, who was joined at the ceremony by PSA leaders.

The Health Destination program is now in more than 25 pharmacies across Australia, empowering pharmacists to provide tailored, high-quality consumer healthcare in their local communities. Pharmacies that commenced the program last year are already outperforming industry average by more than three times.

Executive Director of Policy, Advocacy and Innovation Dr Alison Roberts – who has been instrumental in leading the program – said the Award highlighted that Health Destination had all the key elements proven to work to achieve better consumer engagement and a more viable business platform for pharmacies.

“Health Destination offers a whole new path forward for a sustainable community pharmacy sector, including working more collaboratively with other healthcare providers,” said Dr Roberts, who will also showcase the benefits of the program during an FIP congress presentation.

“We’re proud of all the hard work that has led us to receive this Award – it’s been many, many years in the making.

“From a pilot to an internationally-acclaimed practice improvement program, this has truly been a special, collaborative journey and I acknowledge all the contributions of the many people involved including our industry partners.

“Pharmacies can have absolute confidence in this collaborative, evidence-based program, which has now received an international stamp of approval.”

PSA CEO Dr Lance Emerson – who has championed the program across the industry – said the global Award reinforced that Health Destination was the most effective change program for community pharmacies.

“Health Destination’s international success clearly shows that Australian pharmacies have backed the right program and right the direction for a viable community pharmacy sector,” Dr Emerson said.

“Australian community pharmacy owners now have an informed choice about seeking assistance to help improve their businesses.

“This program is all about enabling pharmacists to do what they do best and what we know consumers want from them – to be accessible to provide evidence-based advice and assistance on minor ailments and medication management.”

PSA leaders sincerely thanked the entire Health Destination team – which includes expert coaches and support staff – as well as the community pharmacies who have signed up to the program.

“It’s a true credit to these pharmacists and their teams being prepared to invest in and work hard on change and being supported by our expert coaches through this program,” Mr Demarte said.

“We are delighted to see them getting the results. The Health Destination Pharmacy program supports community pharmacies to build a viable, value-adding business platform to ensure their sustainability into the future.”

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Peak pharmacist body welcomes Health Care Homes program
August 24, 2016

The launch of the Federal Government’s Health Care Homes initiative by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley has been welcomed by the peak national body for pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA).

The Government announced 10 regions across Australia will participate in stage one of the innovative Health Care Homes (HCH) program, set to benefit about 65,000 patients in clinics and Aboriginal Medical Services Australia-wide.

PSA is committed to working with the Health Care Homes Implementation Advisory Group and the Government to co-design a HCH model for the Australian context, which is based on best practice, evidence-based models of care to ensure consumers receive maximum benefit.

The HCH is designed to help transform primary health care and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the health system, particularly for consumers with chronic and complex conditions.

There is evidence supporting the benefits of the HCH and the models in which significant benefits have been demonstrated to employ multidisciplinary care teams led by GPs, but also to use an expanded model where pharmacists may assume greater collaborative care roles.

PSA National President Joe Demarte said: “Pharmacists are well placed to contribute to the HCH trials and optimise medication schedules and increasing medicines safety to improve the health outcomes for patients with chronic and complex conditions, particularly during critical periods of care transition.”

PSA has previously said including a pharmacist in the HCH team has the potential to reduce polypharmacy, potentially preventable medication-related hospital admissions and readmissions, leading to a reduction of overall primary care expenditure and significant savings to the broader health sector.

Mr Demarte said: “PSA urges the Federal Government to ensure the implementation of the HCH is guided by evidence and supported by an implementation strategy and adequate investment in all the enablers to ensure successful establishment and operation”.

Free CPD workshops help pharmacists meet requirements
August 24, 2016

Pharmacists who have not completed a compulsory Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Plan are urged to attend free workshops and use a new, easy-to-use CPD tool developed by the peak national body for pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA).

It’s understood many pharmacists still haven’t developed a CPD Plan to meet new Pharmacy Board of Australia requirements, where every registered pharmacist must have a plan to outline their development needs for the year.

To help pharmacists comply, PSA has pioneered an intuitive CPD tool – developed and tested by PSA – to help pharmacists easily identify professional development needs relevant to their scope of practice and competencies.

The tool is a key focus for a series of free PSA workshops, being held across Australia, which have received a strong response with more than 1500 pharmacists registered in August and September.

PSA National Vice President Michelle Lynch said the CPD Planning Tool – officially launched at PSA16 in Sydney last month – is a step-by-step guide to assess pharmacists’ skills against their areas of practice.

“This user-friendly learning tool has been embraced by the entire pharmacy profession and it’s fantastic to see so many pharmacists – including non-PSA members – registering for PSA workshops to learn more about CPD planning,” Ms Lynch said.

“Using the tool, pharmacists can easily identify their scope of practice and areas where they want to focus. It’s simple and only takes 20 to 30 minutes and you have a CPD plan for the year.”

PSA spokesperson and leading pharmacist Dr Shane Jackson said the new “seamless” tool supported a forward-looking process that outlined important “professional opportunities” for pharmacists to get to where they want to be in the future.

“We’d like pharmacists – especially Early Career Pharmacists – to look forward and identify where they want to go with their careers and that’s where the PSA tool is very much a forward-looking process and highlights things you can do to get you where you want to be,” Dr Jackson said.

“This enjoyable experience allows your CPD to be much more focussed around linking with your development needs.

“All pharmacists should consider the tool – it links PSA’s learning programs with your development needs.”

PSA Executive Director Practice Support & Education Jan Ridd said: “All PSA members will benefit from the CPD Planning Tool as it supports them in developing a CPD plan and makes the process of meeting the mandatory Pharmacy Board of Australia CPD requirements enjoyable and efficient,” she said.

Ms Ridd said pharmacists – including non-PSA members – should attend free PSA workshops being held across Australia in metropolitan and regional areas, offering hands-on guidance and support in developing and maintaining a CPD plan.

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