Professional images?

I’m still trying to cope with the image of a pharmacist announcing that he was “binning the crap” or words to that affect, as he proudly announced that he no longer wanted to keep homeopathic medicines.
That is his decision and is to be respected, but why would he make a goose of himself, especially when he is pictured in the medical media standing in front of shelves full of cough mixtures with questionable evidence for their use?

If those medicines were subjected to the rigorous examinations applied by the NHMRC, like those recently applied to the homeopathic modality, most or all would be removed from sale. 

Clear thinking pharmacists who have sought more information on the NHMRC determination connected to homeopathics, have discovered to their horror, a series of oversights, short cuts and clear discriminations, to ensure the result that eventuated.

As has been clearly asked elsewhere, there are unanswered questions here:

  • Why were studies that were at least equivalent to the ones examined by the NHMRC excluded from the review?
  • Is it unusual for NHMRC/Optum reports on conventional medicine to exclude non-English research?
  • Has the NHMRC ever conducted a review of this kind without including even one expert in that field on the associated working committee?
  • Which experts in homeopathy research were included in the Optum team of authors?

If pharmacists wish to make a decision on any complementary medicines, then do it with principle, not with showmanship. But, be consistent.

Turf out paracetamol as a solution to the pain of osteoarthritis please. You know the latest research! And please discuss the risks versus benefits of statins with every patient.

Anyway, I’m saddened by this turn of events. I’m disappointed that my professional representative body has meekly accepted to grab onto the coat tails of the medical profession in the homeopathic outcomes.

Where’s our patient care? To where has our role in their primary care been relegated?

Denying our patients the right to choose their pathway to wellness is a denial of their rights.

Older pharmacists who focused on the welfare of the patients would be turning in their graves!

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