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JUNE  2018

Asthma webinar on-demand

Watch our CPD-accredited webinar
Difficult-to-treat and severe asthma: changing the paradigm
to find out about new therapies, and how to identify and manage
difficult-to-treat and severe asthma.
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Neuropathic pain: current definition and review of drug treatment 

The definition of neuropathic pain has changed
and opioids have been relegated to third-line therapy.
Read the latest Australian Prescriber article to find out more.
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Insulin glargine 300 IU/mL solution (Toujeo) for diabetes mellitus

The latest RADAR discusses insulin glargine 300 IU/mL solution (Gla-300),
a basal insulin, administered subcutaneously once daily.
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Methotrexate, the gold standard for rheumatoid arthritis

Many factors contribute to achieving the best outcomes for
patients with rheumatoid arthritis:
early diagnosis and treatment initiation, treatment with
low-dose methotrexate, and structured collaboration
between patients, GPs, rheumatologists
and other healthcare professionals.
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