1. The Friends of Science (FSM) Pathology Recommendations was prepared by their Pathology Advisory Group which included distinguished pathologists from Australia and New Zealand. The report was supported by The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia.
    It includes pathology tests that should be avoided.
    (Full report http://www.scienceinmedicine.org.au/images/pdf/pathologyrecommendations.pdf)

    These tests are offered in some pharmacies by in-house naturopaths.

  2. “Distinguished” pathologists and other scientists have sadly had their professional image sullied with all the corruption and fraudulent/misleading construction of reports and their ‘creative’conclusions. Leaders with a professional profile are the ones that have been consistently targeted by Big Pharma. What assurances do we have that these ‘distinguished’ people are not supporting vested interests with whom they liase and have professional interactions ? What trust can we place in their recommendations ?

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