New 9 Strain HPV Vaccine Has Double the Aluminium.

Double the Aluminium (500 mcg) in the New 9 Strain HPV Vaccine

Many of us were informed (19 December 2014) by a research fellow in infrastructure modelling, Matthew Berryman, that a new HPV vaccine covering 9 strains of HPV has just been approved by the FDA.
However the notification did not include the fact that the new HPV vaccine has double the amount of aluminium adjuvant – a neurotoxin – as the old vaccine.
The new HPV vaccine that will be administered to all Australian adolescents – boys and girls (if it is approved in Australia) will now contain 500 mcg of aluminium per dose. That is, 1,500 mcg for all 3 doses within a 1 year time frame. 

There are no long term studies that have been designed to determine the health effects of this amount of aluminium in children’s bodies. 

However, we do have the data from 7 years of using the old HPV vaccine which provided 675 mcg per 3 doses of the vaccine. And there have been thousands of adverse events (including autoimmune diseases and deaths) associated with this vaccine. Many more than the mortality rate to cervical cancer in developed countries prior to the introduction of the vaccine: in Australia the mortality rate to cervical cancer was 1.9 deaths/100,000 women in 2007.
This is for a disease that is almost 100% curable with regular Pap screening (WHO).

In addition, the HPV vaccine has been promoted for 7 years as being ‘safe and effective’ even though it only covered 2 strains of HPV.
There are 20+ cancer-causing strains of HPV of which 15 are described as ‘high-risk’.
It has been assumed for 7 years that this vaccine will prevent some cervical cancer but it has never been demonstrated to prevent any cervical cancer.
It was tested against precursor lesions in young women (16-26 years) which are known to regress naturally in the majority of cases and rarely lead to cervical cancer later in life.

The announcement of this new HPV (9 strain) vaccine ignores the global concerns that already exist about the adverse health outcomes that are occurring after vaccination with current HPV vaccines.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is being investigated in the Supreme Court in India for involvement in the illegal testing of HPV vaccines in Indian children in 2009 because of the deaths and serious adverse events that occurred after vaccination.
In addition, Japan and India have removed this vaccine from the national recommended vaccination schedules due to safety and efficacy concerns about the vaccines. Court cases for HPV victims have also been filed in Spain, France, Columbia and India. 

Dr. Deirdre Little, an Obstetrician in NSW Australia, reveals that HPV vaccines have never been tested in animal studies before they were implemented in global vaccination programs targeting adolescent girls and boys.
The information that she presents in her video presentation was published in the British Medical Journal in 2012 and she describes the lack of safety and efficacy known about HPV vaccines before they were introduced into global vaccination programs.
The lack of animal studies done on this vaccine is significant because it is necessary to test vaccines in animals to understand the possible adverse events that might occur in humans.
This is particularly the case for determining the long-term safety of the vaccines in humans and specifically for effects on the human reproductive organs and fertility. 

For further information about the way in which HPV 9 strain vaccines have been approved read Stronger More Toxic Gardasil Vaccine Approved by FDA; Will More Girls Suffer and Die? 
It is also recommended that you print this article or the package insert of these vaccines to ensure you can discuss them in an informed manner with your doctor.
Please could you also ask health authorities why this information is not being presented in the Australian Media?

Judy Wilyman MSc (Population Health)
PhD Candidate

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