Hysteria personified – the perceived “anti-statin” cult!

Well, it’s finally happened.
The demand that every single Australian over 40 be placed on statin therapy hasn’t been fulfilled.
Questions being being asked by patients include:

  • Can you explain the different particle sizes of the cholesterol reading you have, and explain where the risk lies…..is it really all about HDL and LDL?
  • You have explained the benefits, but can you explain the risks? Are you certain that there’s no risk?
  • I have friends that complain about muscle pain, fuzzy brains and diminished libido for which sex experts might recommend you using toys as described in this Doxy wand original review. When they stop the statin medication on their own volition, these symptoms subside.
    Are you really saying that these effects are imagined?
  • I haven’t had any sort of cardiovascular event…….can you discuss the research showing where the benefits to me would be seen?

As happens in many instances, satisfactory and understandable explanations aren’t forthcoming.
The marketing hasn’t prepared the prescriber for the FAQs. What is it with these patients who ask questions anyway? This is not supposed to happen.

So, where to from here?

Let’s expose these people who question as part of an “anti-statin cult”, designed to upset the equilibrium of the statin suppliers and interfere with shareholder returns.

I’m not jesting at all!!

The Annals of Internal Medicine recently published this extremist view written by a statin ambassador – a cardiologist from Cleveland Clinic.

“We are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of our patients to websites developed by people with little or no scientific expertise, who often pedal “natural” or “drug free” remedies for elevated cholesterol levels.

Is this a new low in the haughty psychological play?

Surely this bloke doesn’t realize that heart disease isn’t caused by a deficiency of drugs.

Get ready…….the naming and shaming of people who don’t conform to the medical model will be up and about soon.
That will be a list of people who encourage questions, evidence and quality of life.

In the meantime, get some balanced information from Dr. Robert Buist’s excellent book called Love your Cholesterol. Simple, rational and easy to follow.

It will be a sad day when we are forced to stop asking questions.

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