EDITORIAL – week commencing 2 March 2015

Welcome to this weeks’ i2P (Information to Pharmacists) E-Magazine dated 2 March 2015.
This week we start with that appalling medical propaganda attempt as presented by SBS titled “Saving Health”.

i2P’s interpretation is found at this link: Saving Health – and Pharmacy if you can find it

The reason we are so horrified is that the SBS program purported to show the true position of health in Australia without the input of health’s third largest health contingent – pharmacists!
That our leadership organisations were not present is inexcusable and that they have not become political activists is unacceptable.
And listening to the medical participants, it is little wonder that we have such a health mess overall – because they have caused it!
They blame their culture and offer no sensible alternatives. Their version of a patient-centred home will not work while their existing culture persists.

Read and comment in the panel below the article.

Marijuana is often mentioned in the mainstream press for all the wrong reasons.
But in recent years some very strong positives have emerged for marijuana use for medical conditions, particularly pain and epilepsy.
i2P identified this market as one with potential for clinical pharmacists.
Events have overtaken us and now PSA has identified medical marijuana as something pharmacists should now be involved with, and we are delighted to hear of this initiative.
So we decided to release some of the information we have held in our files. We have enough for about 20 editions so it looks like this topic will be a regular feature for a while.
In this edition read “Medical Marijuana – a Role for Clinical Pharmacists?”
Also read “Australia a new growth market for cannabis” which deals with the opportunity for investment in this area.
There is a lot of interest and momentum is building within this market.
Pharmacy leaders need to be agreeing on a uniform message and advocate for pharmacy distribution and clinical service pharmacist providing the education and patient mentoring.

Gerald Quigley is back with an article on cocoa and its health benefits.
Read Cocoa and Cognition.
Selection of chocolate brand is important in respect of sugar content or artificial sweetener content, particularly aspartame.

Loretta Marron is back with an article relating to degradation of nutritional products particularly fish oil. While the primary degradation products initially appeared to be confined to New Zealand, it has emerged that similar degradation has been occurring with some brands in Australia. Read “Fish oil – is it on the nose?”
Pharmacies must uphold standards by interrogating suppliers to ensure continuing high standards within Australia.

International social sciences columnist Harvey Mackay, is back with an analysis of the management style of George Washington. Read Business lessons from George Washington.
George Washington was the first president of the United States of America and he certainly had some unique qualities that would serve the current crop of world leaders well, to emulate.

Please read also the media releases from PSA, ASMI and NPS and enjoy your reading for this week.

Neil Johnston,

2 March 2015

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