EDITORIAL for Monday 7 November 2016

Welcome to a new edition of i2P (Information to Pharmacists) E-Magazine dated Monday 7 November 2016.
And just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, information has been filtering through to i2P, suggesting that a massive takeover of the retail industry is being planned and disruptive strategies are nearly in place.
The companies driving the takeover are Amazon and Walmart.
It is global and Australia is firmly in their sight.

I2P has previously commented on the pharmacy factor represented by Walmart and its association as a Woolworths alliance partner, fostered by long-time pharmacy nemesis, Roger Corbett.
While there is time to prepare, it will require a whole of profession response.
Given the billions of dollars being invested by the retail disruptors, it will be too big a problem for any single market group franchise to manage.
Global brands are more liely to align themselves with the disruptors.

Pharmacy leadeship groups will need to harmonise their policies and activities and ensure that they have a positive approach as to mentoring the best leadership potential, strong enough to grasp the opportunities that may present themselves, and not to fall intro any prepared traps.

Community pharmacy is ill-prepared to face a retail battle when the plug has already been pulled by a government that has stripped all profitability from the PBS, and with the introduction of high-priced pharmaceuticals (now the fastest growing segment of PBS sales) there has been a massive disruption of pharmacy cash flows destabilising virtually the entire community pharmacy sector.
The Pope Firm bankruptcy attorney resonates the fact that, unless there is some relief in this regard, we will see a rate of increase in pharmacy bankruptcies.

So there is not much in the way of good news this week and the only positive solutions lie in the rapid development of grass-roots innovation. Bottom-up solutions will be the quickest method because they arrive at solutions by accepting a reasonable risk, thus providing acceptance, (through a degree of quality evidence generated), in a wider community.
This is contrary to existing leadership groups that foster top-down solutions which facilitate political control and in the process, increase the real cost of a solution as margins are applied at too high a level to cover administrative activities.

We do have an interesting range of articles this week opening up a conversation to cover some insights into the topics illustrated above.
Our lead article covers the retail disruption that we will see progressively rolled out within Australia.
Read: Retail Disruption Coming – Around the Corner and Around the World

Barry Urquhart is back with his essays on management and marketing.
He also makes a note as to the coming retail disruption in this week’s offering.
MARKETING FOCUS – Essays on Management and Marketing

Peter Sayers contributes a comment on a productivity gap that can be exploited in a community pharmacy environment. It is also a method of patient-centering and patient engagement by slowing your patient down and delivering effective messages that a patient may wish to hear.
The Opportunity Cost of Waiting

Harvey Mackay has a relevant comment this week and it is meant to be a stimulus for innovation, not as preparation for financial collapse.
The Power of Broke

Gerald Quigley is back and he presents some scenarios to stimulate patient-centredness and patient engagement.
Read: Patient impressions

Judy Wilyman continues to make people accountable for statements they make which are not responsible or evidence-based, particularly in the area of childhood vaccination.
Read: The Melody Lingers On

US investigative journalist, Jon Rappoport, backs up Judy Wilyman’s perspective by illustrating his own report on the CDC corruption and cover-ups as well as explaining what has happened to mainstream media and how it is letting down democracy, also how it is starting to unravel as a positive force.
i2P staff writers have put together a report.
Read: The CDC, Vaccine Fraud and Global Media Exposed – a US Perspective

And we finish up this edition with some media releases from pharmacy leadership organisations.

PSA PSA Media Releases – 1. PSA members dominate “Women of Influence” Survey 2. Professor Maree Smith wins award 3. Pharmacists Share Journeys

ASMI – ASMI Media Releases – Diamond Awards Winners

We hope you find your current read a stimulating one and that you are able to add some of the content into your forward planning.
Don’t forget to make a comment at the foot of each article to extend interest and debate.

Neil Johnston
Monday 7 November, 2016

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