EDITORIAL for Monday 19 January 2015

Welcome to the new weekly i2P E-Magazine edition for Monday 19 January 2015.
While I believe that 2015 will be a better year for pharmacy, I would only qualify the statement to include the words “for those who pull their finger out”.
A crude but effective message!

How else do you think things will happen unless you get moving in the area of setting objectives and actually writing the business plan to get the job done?
Whether you are a pharmacy proprietor or a pharmacist with a skill you are trying to sell – everything must be planned without a moment to lose!

I notice on one or more LinkedIn posts, pharmacists are discussing the lack of equipment/Internet facilities to perform cognitive work in a community pharmacy, and that is disappointing.
I notice also a young pharmacist designing such systems on paper and recording this work for CPD points.
This is good to see, because that style of work will look good as a work profile for prospective employers to view when they wake up that there is a life called Clinical Services and their competitors are beating them – because they are surrounding themselves with the “best and brightest” and encouraging innovation and new design.

This week we are delivering more aspects of i2P original research and we hope that you capitalise on this in community pharmacy ranks, because you do indeed need to get moving.

It is recommended that you read:

* Patient Engagement is Patient Management and Customer Conversion

* Rite Aid has the Rite Pharmacy Model for Australia

* Health Station Central – Rebuilding Trust

These article cover aspects of “how” for clinical services.

For those of you who want to get your retail markets more involved, it is recommended that you read:

* Pop-Up Stores might Provide Pharmacy Marketing Opportunity

* Extreme? Not Necessarily

For the inventors and makers we suggest:

* E-Commerce Giant May Interest Pharmacy Inventors

And for interesting health research material, please read:

* Light Emitting Devices Cause Sleep Havoc

* Insulin nasal spray shows promise as treatment for adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s

 * Lost memories might be able to be restored, suggests research into marine snail

Most of the work published over January is designed to be reference material.
We hope that you take advantage of that and file material that is of interest in a storage system.
One such system discussed this month is Evernote, which is a system that allows you to clip material from the Internet and store it as a reference note.
The Evernote system is an excellent system to provide knowledge management.

As such, you can store HMR templates or URL’s relating to databases you use frequently, and you can manage a large amount of work in the cognitive area.

Anyone who would like to discuss this type of system is welcome to drop me an email.

There is more than enough material this week to keep you active well beyond the end of the week, so enjoy!

Neil Johnston
Editor i2P E-Magazine
January 19, 2015

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