Do you give out your mobile number?

Contrary to what many others think, allowing a patient access to your mobile phone won’t cause an avalanche of irrelevant and annoying calls about trivial matters.
However, if you have a patient who might need reassurance after hours, your mobile phone will cement a relationship that will never be challenged.

People with life-sapping disease states like cancer embrace the comfort you might be able to give, merely by that simple statement…..….”here’s my card, and my mobile is on that – call me if you have a worry.”

In my clinic work, my card is the first offer of engagement.

It has my mobile, email and website details and I don’t shy away from offering that.

I can count on one hand the calls I’ve had, usually from somebody who needs reassurance about a medication, or to sort out some confusing messages given by the illness system in which many people unwittingly find themselves.

Those who are experienced in matters of this system cope well – those who have a sudden health issue don’t cope well at all.

As a member of their health care team, you are a valuable member.
As a pharmacist you are an expert on medications.
As a friend, you are invaluable.

Give it a try – you might be surprised……….

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