Culture wars: a child’s “medical right” to change gender in the Brave New World

“Gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder (GID) is the dysphoria (distress) a person experiences as a result of the sex and gender they were assigned at birth.” (Wikipedia) 
 “Technocracy is shaping a new world based on twisting morality into pseudoscientific “facts” that demand compliance.
It’s a hoax on a grand scale.”
 (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)
Government programs to teach the issue of gender in schools are gaining steam.
“Fluid-gender” is the artificial construct used to promote these programs.
For years, I’ve been warning about the fabricated use of medical labels as a pretext for “protecting the rights of the child.”
The op goes this way: 
Shift a decision about morality into a decision about the right to obtain medical treatment.
For example, claim there is a disorder called Gender Dysphoria.
Claim many children suffer from it.
State that gender reassignment is the treatment that cures the disorder.
Expert lawyers fighting sexual claims says that every child has the “right” to choose the treatment—AND parents who oppose it are illegally restricting their children.

Breitbart reports on a current case: “Parents of a 17-year-old girl lost custody of their daughter for opposing her wish for transgender medical treatments.”
“Judge Sylvia Sieve Hendon of Hamilton County, Ohio has allowed the girl to be taken into the custody of her grandparents – who support her medical transition – allowing them to make decisions that will further along her physical transition to the opposite sex.”

“The parents reportedly continued to call their daughter by her given name, rather than a male name, and refused to consent to hormone treatments that were recommended by her medical team.
The girl claimed she became suicidal as a result of her parents’ refusal to accept that she wanted to transition to a male.”
“‘We think the grandparents are the ones who have an open mind and will … make this sort of decision best for the child’,” said attorney Paul Hunt, who represents the court-appointed guardian ad litem.
‘The parents have clearly indicated that they’re not open to it’.”
“According to the news story, the parents argued their daughter was not ‘even close to being able to make such a life-altering decision at this time’.
A county prosecutor, however, claimed the parents were opposed to their daughter transitioning to become a male because of their Christian religious beliefs.”
A court decides the parents are not in charge.
The parents are denying their child the right to obtain a “medical treatment.”
Therefore, the State must intercede.
Here is another case that goes much further.
The basis of the decision is so insane that most people are unwilling to think about it—the criminality is so egregious it paralyzes the mind. The seriousness of the crime reverberates when a law firm for military discharge upgrades is shocked about the severity of the crime.  You can get drug charge lawyers for hire if there are criminal cases. 
Yahoo 7 News, Australia, reports (9/16): “A four-year-old who identifies as transgender has begun to transition before their first day at school, hoping to complete the full transformation by 2017.”
“While the child is the youngest on Australian record to change their gender, the New South Wales government has revealed ‘hundreds’ of other children are being referred to the state’s hospitals for gender dysphoria.”
“The four-year-old is reportedly being supported throughout the transition by the education department, and is part of the Safe Schools program.”
Yes, the Safe Schools program.
Safe for whom?
Deputy Secretary of School Operations Gregory Prior made this announcement at a budget hearing, which presumably means the four-year-old child’s parents are receiving public funds for the sex change.
No mention of how the parents of the four-year old came to their “medical” decision.
No mention of the “discussion” with the child that led to this decision.
The New South Wales government doesn’t just stand aside; it supports this madness.
A four-year old.
He/she comes up with this idea (gender change) out of the blue?
He/she expresses it to his parents?
He/she is supposed to understand the medical procedures and the consequences?
The doctors go along with this?
“We have a four-year old coming in today to begin a sex-change.”
“Good. The team will be ready.”
Not a flicker of doubt.
Here is the Wikipedia definition of gender dysphoria: “Gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder (GID) is the dysphoria (distress) a person experiences as a result of the sex and gender they were assigned at birth.”
This is supposed to be some sort of arbitrary labeling that is handed to an infant?
This whole social program has gained so much steam that many people are paralyzed—they refuse to express outrage.
They refuse to point out the obvious.
They knuckle under.
The criminally delusional parents who go along with (and urge and initiate) sex change for their own children consider themselves enlightened.
They’re in a trance, and they feel good about the trance.

“Yes, our four-year old is undergoing gender transition and we think it’s wonderful.”

 What coaching did these parents engage in with their very young child to push along this insanity?
 A boy put on his mother’s dress one day, and then the parents sat down with him and engaged in a deep conversation?
 A four-year old is now the ruler of his/her own fate?
This is legalized genital mutilation and torture, undertaken as a “proper medical procedure.”
The attorneys for sexual crime charges acknowledges this issue and suggest that the doctors should have their licenses stripped, and they should be sent to prison. The government must ensure that all hospitals have a valid license and they ought to be checked frequently about the medical treatment standard. If the government officials doesn’t do the work properly, then the domestic violence law firm suggest that they should share their cells with the government officials who support this crime.
On some level, medical sex change for children is an outgrowth of the obsession about children being “special.”
The child’s wisdom extends to all sorts of insights he/she has about life.
A child does have a free and open attitude toward life, but this has nothing to do with making decisions that have enormous consequences for him/her.
And the word “consequences” hardly begins to describe the surgical mutilation.
“What has become of our society?”
The answer is clear.
There are masters and slaves.
The slaves are going along.
The masters are psychopaths.
But that leaves a lot of middle ground, where parents, educators, and bureaucrats are willingly cooperating in destruction.
It’s not simply a lack of courage.
It’s self-induced brainwashing.
“This is freedom.
Freedom is a good thing.
What could be more free and innovative than a child deciding to change his/her own sex at the age of four?
We’re creating a better world.”
The parents’ eyes are bright.
Their smiles are wide.
And if medical sexual mutilation of a child is gladly permitted, what isn’t permitted?
What “voluntary” or mandated medical procedure would be ruled out as too grotesque?
For example, shouldn’t we support, in glowing terms, mass sterilization of women through vaccination campaigns that covertly create future miscarriages?
After all, in the Third world, where such efforts have already been made (Kenya), overpopulation is a problem.
We know it’s a problem because, decades ago, Henry Kissinger said so.
In Australia, where this four-year-old child is about to go through sex change, every doctor in the country should stand up and refuse.
They should say, “Look, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, we see what your decision is, and we can’t even begin to describe how we feel.
Don’t look to us for help in committing this horror on your child.
If we hear of any doctor who goes along with your plan, we’ll publicize his name and, if necessary, physically remove him from the country.
We’ll see to it he never practices medicine in Australia another day in his life.”
As for the parents of this four-year old, they’re lost.
They’re lost to themselves and their child.
They’re in a hell of their own making.
And they’re fashioning a worse hell for their child.
And they don’t even know it.
They’re “progressive” and proud of it.
They’re leading their child to surgical genital destruction and, through drugs, the permanent derailment of his/her endocrine system.
It’s “scientific and medical,” so it must be a good thing.
The program of child gender change is also an attack against society at its most basic biological level. The goal is destruction.
Behind it are decades of preparation in the form of so-called moral relativity: every group and person has their own definition of right and wrong, and these views are all equal. No one has the right to challenge another’s moral position as inferior.
There must be placid acceptance.
Eventually, this leads to accepting that a four-year old is capable of understanding, and making choices about, his/her own sexuality.
No challenge.
No moral outrage.
This is on the order of accepting and facilitating euthanasia.
For centuries, societies and civilizations have struggled to define and embed moral truth in their cores.
This has never been a pure process, but it has taken place, at great human cost.
We are now seeing a reversal of that struggle.
Now, monsters can ensure that physical mutilation is placed on a pedestal.
It is given special protection, as a right.
The very, very young, who have no idea what this is all about, are coerced into agreeing to “procedures” that violate every shred of sanity and goodness and innocence and decency.
This is evil.
And its purveyors are in the public square, touting their own humanity.

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