Clawing your way to the bottom

Seth Godin’s blogs are a refreshing way to stay grounded.
He reminds us that to trade in your standards in order to gain short-term attention or profit isn’t as easy as it sounds.

“Once-great media brands that now traffic in cheesecake and quick clicks don’t get there by mistake.
Respected brands that rush to deliver low price at all costs have to figure out which corners to cut, and fool themselves into thinking that can get away with it forever.

As the bottom line gets more and more crowded, it’s harder than ever to be more short-sighted than everyone else.

If we are going to need to work that hard at it, we might as well put the effort into racing to the top instead.”

Well said Seth……is there a message for pharmacist there?

Editor’s Note: I was looking for a spot to put in another of his “gems”. I think it is appropriate to the above:

The tiny cost of failure
…is dwarfed by the huge cost of not trying.

This is news, a state of affairs due to the significant value of connection, to the power of ideas that spread and to the low cost of production.
Delighting a few with an idea worth spreading is more valuable than ever before.

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