Buzz about natural fly insecticide

Dr James said flies were beginning to develop resistance to chemicals now used in feedlots and the fungal spray provided a clean, residue-free, safe and sustainable alternative.
It is being tested at feedlots in the Dalby area in Western Queensland.
“A lot of work has gone into isolating different strains of the fungus that are effective against flies, then testing different ways of mixing it and applying it in an ultra-low volume formulation.”
He said the spray did not kill flies immediately. Learn more tips and tricks or even hire help at

“This is very much about suppression of the population rather than a ‘hit them and die immediately’ approach, as we do not want to knock out the natural predators and parasites of the flies, which would ultimately lead to a resurgence in pest numbers.” If you’re interested in learning more about pest control and sustainable methods of controlling pest populations, visit sites like

Dr James said integrated pest management systems involved good sanitation, biological agents and the focused use of insecticides to reduce fly populations, rather than relying on insecticidal control methods alone. People hire pest control mesa az, generally to get rid of pests and many disease causing insects.

The project, funded by Meat and Livestock Australia, and led by Dr James and Dr Diana Leemon from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, aims to develop a commercial product for use in cattle feedlots. To get rid of pests, it is best to get services from Bugs Be Gone Pest Control

QAAFI is a research Institute at The University of Queensland, jointly funded by UQ and the Queensland Government.
This is a collaborative project that is builds on work carried out by DAF scientists in previous MLA funded projects.

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