ASMI Media Releases – ASMI proud to be part of Health Care Ethical Framework

ASMI proud to be part of Health Care Ethical Framework
20 July 2018

The Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI) is proud to be one of the 50 signatory bodies to the Australian Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration in the Healthcare Sector.

The consensus framework for ethical practices in health care, developed in collaboration with Australian health leaders, and endorsed by Australian federal, state and territory health ministers, will be launched in Tokyo today.

Dr Deon Schoombie, CEO of ASMI, explained that as a signatory, our members are leading the way and committed to delivering the best outcomes for patients.

“ASMI is the peak body representing the majority of Australia’s $5.4 billion non-prescription medicine industry and includes manufacturers and distributors of over-the-counter (OTC) and complementary medicines.”

“That’s why it is important for us to take steps to re-affirm the trust that consumers place in our members to act ethically in all of our interactions and collaborations.
The Australian Consensus Framework for Ethical Collaboration is a voluntary initiative and demonstrates how we are committed to acting in an honest, transparent and accountable way.”

“This is an unprecedented collective effort by the Australian healthcare sector – we’re proud to be a part of it, and congratulate the Australian Consensus Framework organising body on the initiative.”

Click this link Australian Consensus Framework For Ethical Collaboration to download a copy of the document.

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