An Indemnity Choice

There’s so much happening in the pharmacy space these days.
We have our heads down and tails up, hoping that our leaders can re-establish our role in primary health care from the current retail offer.
If you have been like me, renewing your indemnity insurance has meant accepting an ”offer to renew”.
That puzzled me because I’ve never, ever bothered to seek another option.
We pharmacists are comfortable accepting what is offered within our professional environment.

Members of Professional Pharmacists Australia (PPA) now gain their professional indemnity for free. It’s an option for you to consider, and PPA will supply the relevant details for you.

There’s an interesting comparison chart on this web link to help you understand the benefits:

Some of the interesting benefits include a worldwide cover, automatic cover for all HMR’s and RMMR’s, dispensing over the internet, a broad policy cover, and no notification of any alterations of services provided they fall under the Professional Services description.

Importantly, there’s no referral fee payable to another party.

Yes, free with membership. How good is that?

Check it out, make the call, and make the change.

And get the use of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists Continuing Education as well at no extra cost!! 


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