A question for the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott

Currently the Abbott government is removing parents’ right to choose how many vaccines are injected into their children’s bodies in the first 19 years of life.
The new social welfare policies called ‘Choices for Families” are removing all objections to vaccination other than a medical exemption signed by a doctor.
This means that families will not be able to refuse any of the vaccines for 16 diseases (approximately 43 doses/boosters) on the recommended schedule, if they wish to receive welfare benefits or childcare assistance.
Yet there has been no debate or publication of this fact in the mainstream media and it will come into effect from 1 January 2016 if it is passed.

Despite the fact that this policy breaches the guidelines for vaccination in the Australian Immunisation Handbook (section 2.1.3) and the International Bill of Human Rights for ‘informed consent without coercion’ and Australians right to non-discriminatory social welfare policies, the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson, has ignored these covenants to state ‘no-one is being forced to take a vaccine, therefore there is no human rights violation.
Yet financial incentives to vaccinate are coercive and the Australian Human Rights Commissioner is stating he will not fight to protect our right to ‘non-coercive’ and ‘non-discriminatory’ welfare policies (22nd Report of Australia’s 44th Parliament, ch.1 p.105 and ch.1 p.58).

Tim Wilson states that he wants greater respect for religious freedom’ but apparently this does not extend to the human right to choose what we inject into our own bodies.
For those who have never investigated the ingredients of vaccines here is a link to the cocktail of antibiotics/preservatives/foreign protein and other additives that is injected into the tissues with each vaccine. The 16 vaccines recommended on the government’s schedule have never been tested for the long-term health effects of combining these vaccines in a human infant or an animal infant (NCIRS). 

This is of concern because there has been a significant increase in chronic illness in children (allergies, anaphylaxis, autism, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, etc) that correlates to the expansion of the government’s vaccination program since 1990.
This means that the government has not proven that the explosion of autistic children and other chronic illness is not a result of the government’s continually expanding vaccination schedule.
This is also the case because fraudulent science is being used by the CDC to claim that ‘vaccines are not a cause of autism’. Here is a link to the fraudulent science that was presented in the US Congress on 29 July 2015 demonstrating that scientists have not debunked this theory as governments are claiming.

The world is watching as Tony Abbott ignores the lack of evidence for the safety of using multiple vaccines in infants and he ignores the right to autonomy over our own bodies.
When Tony Abbott, was Health Minister nine years ago, he stated “No-one is in charge of what goes into my mouth except me” and “No-one is in charge of what children put into their mouths except parents” (Four Corners, Fat Chance, 13 October 2014).
Parents would like our Prime Minister to explain how this right is different for the injection of substances into the human body?    

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