A Missed Opportunity?

The recent BioCeuticals Symposium in Sydney was titled “Interrelated Drivers of Health and Disease” and was attended by 350 health practitioners.
Speakers at this outstanding forum included Dr Mark Houston, the world’s leading Functional Cardiologist, Dr David Haase, renowned Integrative Neurologist, Dr Joseph Pizzorno, pioneering naturopath and advisor to the Clinton Administration White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine policy, and expert in toxicology and detoxification, and Mr Michael Ash, Immunologist, researcher and author, specialising in complex gastrointestinal and mucosal-immune related conditions.

Each speaker presented findings on the toxic load in modern civilization and the effects on the body, in their field of expertise, including brain, heart and metabolic systems.

Common pathways to cardiovascular, neurological and gastrointestinal diseases amongst others, were shown and supported with in-depth discussions on early diagnosis and intervention, with a change in diet and nutritional supplementation.

I would have though that, in the environment of professional practice today, that prevention of disease might have been uppermost in the mind of the pharmacist.
Our patients want to be well, not just take a pill that we have selected upon a directive, and subsequently labelled.

However, just 20% of the 350 delegates were pharmacists.

Just goes to show……we must know all this stuff already!

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